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[Replied] Latest FW update ruined my perspective control while using Mobile Desktop Dock

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I bought the mobile desktop dock 3 weeks ago and was using it to play pubg. The experience is really awesome, the mouse movement is superb feels like you are using an emulator version of the game.
Until last week, asus send out the new update - Version WW-15.1630.1902.80. So thinking that this is for the good stuff then i installed it.

After installing the update, the mouse control using the desktop dock is rubbish! When I'm trying to lookup using the mouse it jitters and kinda stick your view in the center of the screen. So i tried different kind of mouse, both wired and wireless but the issue persist. And as per the update notes, the update fixes the perspective control of the GameVice accessory so i think its kinds related coz the perspective control on the mobile desktop dock is now affected. (just guessing here)

I reset my device to factory settings and clear the cache of the Game Genie but it didn't solve the problem.

Do you guys also experience the same? I'm thinking to restore my phone to stock ROM but i don't know how to do it. I tried sideload but it fails on the verification (maybe downgrade is not prossible using adb?)
I also tried putting the FW zip file on the root directory and restarting my phone but the installation didn't trigger it.

I hope someone can help me.


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Hi maenard.vistal_A5MZ,

I have replied in this thread. Please take a look. Thank you ... read&tid=263875
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