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ASUS Zenfones Now available at Exciting Prices

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A permanent price reduction on ASUS Max Pro M1; ASUS Max Pro M2; ASUS Max M2 and ASUS 5Z

ASUS Max Pro M1

Max Pro M1.jpg

ASUS, the Taiwanese leader in mobile technology, today announced attractive price reductions for the best in segment smartphone – the ASUS Max Pro M1, ASUS Max Pro M2, ASUS Max M2 and ASUS 5Z, effective 2nd March, 2019, available on Flipkart.

ASUS Max Pro M2

Max Pro M2.png


Max M2.png

Commenting on the announcement Dinesh Sharma, Head – Mobile Business, said, “We deeply value your trust in ASUS to deliver the best technology at great value. To ensure we deliver the best value on ASUSs and enable our fans to enjoy the best smartphone experience at the given price points, we are making permanent price reductions to some of our best in class, most popular smartphones. Though these price reductions are significant, we have decided to absorb these price reductions to ensure we continue to be the best choice for our fans.”


Zenfone 5Z.png

If you have any doubts let me know down in the comments below. Thank you all Zenfans. Stay Connected.

What is the use no software update only worst company in software development
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Yeah, now it's the best price ever ! Hope, ASUS will launch their Max Pro M3 in a cheapest price with full of great specs like these smartphones right now !! 
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In my opinion as a techie, the only one thing ASUS lacks is timely release of update and they should start listening to their fanbase to make sure they get what they want. Now if ASUS can achieve this, then arguably they are one of the best in town. At the moment, they are not doing bad either, if i had a scale of 1-10, my rating of them as of today would be 7-10
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I have a zenfone live phone . No sofware update is available  to my phone since on year. Its still using android mashmellow . How can i update my phone?
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I dont understand the moderator's bias toward optimistic comments and deleting user comments in the name of moderation. Instead of removing the user's grievance, you simply remove their post. For your kind information there is twitter, youtube and various other platforms over which you don't have such facility of deleting user's grievance/feedback. GROW UP!
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Please dont install the update, Screen flickering issue  i think asus testing team is sleeping ,never ever witnessed such a buggy product in recent times, never ever going to prefer Asus products in ,y life time again. its been 4 days since the update rolled out and Asus is not giving any confirmation about rolling out the fix.  Asus if you dont care about the customer please get out from indian market please. i cannot able to use my mobile for last 4 days, AND gyus Asus is really not concerned about user they did not even made official announcement asking user not to install the Pie update. Such flithy ppl work there. Team asus atleast show concern for the user who believed and bought the mobile.
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