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[Experience Sharing] [Review] ASUS Max Pro (M2) & ASUS Max (M2) - Budget Goodness!

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Cover M2 FR.jpg

The ASUS Max Pro (M2) & ASUS Max (M2) are the latest budget offeringas from ASUS which actually provide amazing values in their perticular price segments. Many of you actually took interest in these devices & I have received a tons of queries till now. So, I have been testing these devices for a while now & this is the perfect time to give you my full review on the devices & I figured out that, instead of making two different articles, I can do this is a single one. So, here's everything you need to know.


This review is going to be right on to the point & I'll try not to drag it very long as that is not preferred by many of you. So, let's brake it into the essential parts & talk about the things that really matter.

Design and Build

DandB 1 M2 FR.jpg

The design signatures are completely different here. The ASUS Max Pro (M2) has a modern looking glossy design. The material is actually Polycarbonate but, it looks feels & upto some level, even sounds like glass. But, it can get fingerprints & even scratches pretty easily. So, you may want to use the supplied case to prevent both of these things. The scratch thing is also true with the rear facing camera glass so, the case shall give protection against that too. It actually looks pretty stunning though.

On the front we have the 6.26 inch Display which we will talk more about in the Display section. But, the interesting thing here is that, the device actually has Corning Gorilla Glass 6 which is not common in the sub 20K INR price segment. This one really has way improved drop resistance compared to CGG5. The scratch resistance isn't improved by the way as, it's glass afterall.

DandB 2 M2 FR.jpg

The Notch is smaller than the regular Max (M2) & it houses the earpiece on top with the Notification LED which is actually a perfectly working setup. Below that we have the Front Facing Camera, the sensors & a Front Facing LED flash which comes in handy in low light.

The ASUS Max (M2) on the other hand, is build like the ASUS Max Pro (M1) with a Metal Back that looks & feels exactly the same. However, the main difference here will be the Front as it has a Notch which the Max Pro (M1) clearly didn't have and also the notch is slidely wider compared to the Max Pro (M2) as the earpiece is in it's regular position in this one. The Front Glass is not from Corning which is expected and also that makes it less resistant to drops. Oh, and the Buttons on the regular ASUS Max (M2) do lack tactile feedback which is there in the Max Pro (M2).

The Display

Display M2 FR.jpg

The displays on the ASUS Max Pro (M2) & ASUS Max (M2) are similar in size but, the resolution is different. The regular Max (M2) has a HD+ Display with a resolution of 1520x720  and the Max Pro (M2) has a Full HD+ Display with a resolution of 2280x1080. The colors & the contrast are better on the Max Pro (M2) & because it's a higher resolution display, it's also sharper.

Though, the regular Max (M2) display isn't as good as the Pro version but, it's actually a good one for a 720P Display. There is a warm tone going on & as it's a 720P Display, you'll only be getting 720P playback in YouTube which is okay. However, in some games like Asphalt 9, the visual even with high graphics setting, isn't really that compelling. If you're coming from a 1080P Display on a previous device, you'll notice this.

Display Notch M2 FR.jpg

About the Notch, the Hide Notch option isn't available yet but, ASUS says that, it'll be available after the Pie update. So, we'll just have to wait till then I guess.

Overall, I'll say both of the devices have good displays in their segment. Only if the gaming visuals were better on the regular Max (M2), I would have been more happy. That's definitely one let down.

Performance & Battery Life

Hardware & Software

The hardware is very interesting part of this new M2 family. Both of the devices have very good SOCs which is quite a step forward for ASUS. The ASUS Max Pro (M2) is now powered by a Snapdragon 660 which is a significant improvement over the Snapdragon 636 on the Max Pro (M1) and the Max (M2) is now powered by a Snapdragon 632 which is a huge improvement over the Snapdragon 430 that was used in the Max (M1).

There are three configurations available for the ASUS Max Pro (M2) while there are two for the ASUS Max (M2). You can get the ASUS Max Pro (M2) with either 3GB RAM & 32GB of Internal Storage or 4GB or 6GB RAM with 64 Gigabytes of Internal Storage. The ASUS Max (M2) on the other hand comes with either 3GB RAM & 32GB Storage or 4GB RAM & 64GB Storage.

Here are the Geekbench scores to give you an idea about the CPU performance [ Max Pro (M2) - Max (M2) ]

Geekbench M2 FR.jpg

So, the Snapdragon 660 (1.96 GHz variant) pulled 1477 on the Single Core side and 5541 on the Multiple Core side. The Snapdragon 632 was able to pull 1253 on Single Core and 4733 on Multicore. So just as I said earlier, great improvement over their predecessors.

I would have shown you the 3D Mark charts as well but, at the time of testing, the regular Max (M2) was lacking support for many apps which included 3DMark, PCMark so, no storage speeds for Max (M2) as well. A firmware update was available later on but, I had finished my testing phase till then so, 3DMark for the ASUS Max Pro (M2) is what you'll be getting here & I'll talk about real life gaming performance for both of the devices in a bit.

ZFMPM2 GPU_Benchmark.png

Now, talking about the real life performance, these are stock android powered phones so, both of the devices are actually able to push a significant amount of performance without lags even in the 3GB RAM variants. So, if you want to get the 3GB RAM variant of the Max (M2), I have no problrm with that. For the Max Pro (M2), I do recommend the 4GB RAM varaint because that's a better value for the money.

Software M2 FR.jpg

There are no AI features here in the software so, nothing like that to talk about & it's stock android so, UI is smooth & responsive. Animation Times have been improved which I was personally asking since the ASUS 3 series & Finally ASUS decided to work on that. Thumbs up for that. Overall, I'm happy with the performance of the device.

Now, about gaming & stuff, well, it's a Mix bag. The ASUS Max Pro (M2) actually handles gaming pretty well with it's Adreno 512 GPU while the Adreno 506 on the ASUS Max (M2) actually drops a few frames in graphics heavy games like Asphalt 9. PUBG is kinda a sweet experience in both of the devices. Now, I haven't recorded any gameplay but, my friend, Dr.Zen starktend has recorded a bunch of them on the ASUS Max Pro (M2) so, I'll leave a link to his article at the end of this one.

FS M2 FR.jpg

I really haven't talked about the Fingerprint Scanners so, let's just make that clear now. Both of the devices have fast & responsive fingerprint scanners. The one on the Max Pro (M2) is slightly faster though. Only issue will be the Finprint Scanner area on the back. It's still a very small circle so, if you're not using a case, you may misplace your finger sometimes. With a case, it's not an issue.

Battery Life

Battery M2 FR.jpg

Battery is definitely one of the strongest aspects of the ASUS Max series & these devices are no exceptions. There is a 5000 mAh Battey in the ASUS Max Pro (M2) & a 4000 mAh Battery in the ASUS Max (M2). Now, it's really on the user how they are using their phones, to determine how much Battey life are they are going to get.

The ASUS Max Pro (M2) with it's 5000 mAh Battery & Full HD+ resolution can easily go two entire days for moderate users, a little more than a day for heavy users & about a day for frequent gamers. The ASUS Max (M2) with it's 4000 mAh Battey & HD+ Display kinda gives very similar results to the Pro. The main reason behind this is the lower resolution display & a lower power CPU. However, if you play a lot of games, the Battery will drain quickly.

Now, charging times are kinda okish here. Both of the devices support 10W charging which according to ASUS, is given to sustain the battery performance for a longer lifespan. I mean that's why they're not giving fast charging, at least that's what they say. 0-60% happens quite fast actually & finally to go to the 100% it takes almost 3 hours for the Max Pro (M2) & near 2 and a half hours for the Max Pro (M2), give or take a little.


Camera UI M2 FR.jpg

The Cameras on the devices actually surprised me quite a bit. So, on the technical side, the ASUS Max Pro (M2) comes with a 12MP IMX486 sensor from Sony with comparatively large 1.25 Micron pixels & that is paired with a f-1.8 lens which actually comes handy in low-light. The secondary unit is a 5MP depth sensor which is mainly used for portrait shots. The Front shooter is a 13 Megapixel Unit with an aperture of f-2.0.

Camera Back M2 FR.jpg

Camera Front M2 FR.jpg

The ASUS Max (M2) in the other hand, has a 13 Megapixel sensor with an f-1.8 aperture plus a 2 Megapixel depth sensor in the back. The front facing unit houses an 8 Megapixel sensor with a f-2.0 lens on top. Oh, and both of these devices have front facing flash for low light situations.

Here are a few camera samples

Set 1 (Max Pro M2)




Set 2 (Max M2)




I've actually posted a dedicated Camera Review in comparison style for both of these devices so, please check that if you want to have a better idea about the Front & Rear Camera quailities, the difference in quality, colors, sharpness & stuff like that.

Connectivity & Audio

Network M2 FR.jpg

From a connectivity standpoint, both of the devices support Dual 4G alongside, Dual VoLTE. I have tested the devices with Airtel & Vodafone networks & I got no issues. The Wi-Fi version is still 802.11 b/g/n like the Max Pro (M1) so, I'm definitely not happy with that. You don't get the 5 Ghz Wi-Fi band here which, both the Snapdragon 660 & 632 do support. So, it's definitely something ASUS is skipping on. Not happy with this decision of them.

I want to highlight one mistake though, the specs sheet I made says that the ASUS Max (M2) has Bluetooth 5.0 but, it actually has Bluetooth 4.2. I actually noticed that later so, wasn't really able to change the specs sheet. The Max Pro (M2) does have Bluetooth 5.0 by the way.

Things like Audio is actually pretty good for this price point. Both of the devices actually have a single Mono speaker at the bottom. But, the quality is actually rich & they can go pretty loud as well. The Max Pro (M2) is louder & slightly better but, the one Max (M2) is good as well. ASUS does pack a NXP Smart AMP for the speakers so, good audio quality was clearly on their priority list & they managed to deliver that.

The Conclusion Breakdown

Conclusion M2 FR.jpg

The ASUS Max Pro (M2) starts at 12999 Indian Rupees (3GB, 32GB) with two more variants at 14999 INR (4GB, 64GB) & 16999 INR (6GB, 64GB). The ASUS Max (M2) starts at 9999 Indian Rupees (3GB, 32GB) & the other variant is priced at 11999 INR (4GB, 64GB). At these prices they are undoubtedly great value for the money. But, let's check the Pros & Cons before getting into my final thoughts.

Pros and Cons M2 FR.png

So, it's safe to say that, none of these devices are extraordinary for their prices but, considering what other companies are offering right now, these seem to be the best available value in the market. I have no issues recommending any of these devices. I will say though, the 6GB RAM vaiant for the ASUS Max Pro (M2) looks a little bit overpriced at 16999 INR so, the 4GB 64GB variant is actually the best value for the Max Pro (M2). The Max (M2) offers good value for both of the variants but again, the 3GB RAM variant gives the best value at 9999 INR. So, my response is overall positive here & you should not be much worried about picking up any of these devices.

That's it for the full in-depth review of the ASUS Max Pro (M2) & ASUS Max (M2). Feel free to drop your questions in the comments section below & leave a like if this article was helpful to you. That's it for now & I'll catch you guys later.

Find the Gameplays here: [Author: starktend]

Former Dr.Zen Ronit Roy

Devices: ASUS 6Z , Zenfone Max Pro (M2) ZB630KL , Zenfone 3 ZE520KL , ROG G501VW , Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML , Zenfone 4 A450CG
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
CGG6 is mainly the ISP which is portrayed as such, but the Audio experience is awesome, for entertainment its a win win - ASUS Max Pro M2!
Max M2 is pretty good for those, who wish to start with something not just good but decent enough. And thanks for including the link.
IND Level 4 | All posts
Who cares your review and blah blah
U are behaving like an idiotic way
Touch issues should be solved other wise customer will get disappointed with Mobile
IND Level 7 | All posts
"Winner Winner 🐔 Dinner " - Ronit Bro will serve this to us !! 😉 

The camera samples are really great. Nice work, Ronit bro ! I am really really impressed with your writing & presentation style . 😍😍
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IND Level 1 | All posts
Hello.. My flashlight is disabled.. Both in camera as well as in torch.. Plz help.. 
mail2ronit IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
starktend posted on 2019/1/19 22:13
CGG6 is mainly the ISP which is portrayed as such, but the Audio experience is awesome, for entertai ...

No problem man. That's an awesome article you have there!
mail2ronit IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
arunkumar84lokesh posted on 2019/1/20 08:17
All these reviews are good but in actual day to day use the camera and the camera UI is not user fri ...

I haven't actually checked Tap to focus in Video. If you're having issues then please, list them to me & I'll forward the same to the company.

About the UI, I felt it actually is kind of a mixture of the Snapdragon Camera & PixelMaster. So, compared to the old Snapdragon Camera on the Max Pro (M1), it's actually better. Front Camera on both of the devices seemed good to me actually (Check the Camera Review that, I have linked in the article). Only their was a warmish tone on the Max (M2) that I mentioned on my Camera review. But, still, you can let me know your issues in detail so, I can inform the company. Thanks.
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