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Kenapa byk problem lepas update oreo

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Hi all, thank you for all the feedback! We will check with our HQ about this matter ya
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my phone showing no service since yesterday afternoon..sebelum ni pernah sekali tp dh ok, ni lepas update lastest firmware..insert sim dlm slot 1, tunjuk sim available tp no carrier, tukar ke slot 2, pun tunjuk available tp no carrier jgk..masuk simcard dlm henfon lain ok, henfon ni je x jln, dh try masuk safe mode pun sama, then sy reset network setting pun sama juga
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nurulatiqs posted on 2018/11/15 18:03
Same problems as mine. Dah reset phone tapi problem still sama. Hotspot tak boleh guna, dan lain2

Sama laaaa.. Even dh reset byk kali still lembab je phone.. Paling geram sikit² system ui stopped then laggg terus.. Kdang² tgh lagu, main game ttiba restart.. Sakit betul hati
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