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Asus has set the stage in India with the launch of two blockbusters, ASUS Max Pro M1 & ASUS 5z this year earlier, and the Taiwanese Tech Giant won't stop, Asus is hungry for more. With a noticeable change in marketing strategies, things are back on track. To win the hearts of Indian users, ASUS Max M1 & Lite L1 are two new entry-level budget bees from Asus.

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I've already discussed the ASUS Max M1. click here to know more about Max M1. Is it getting the job done, in my ASUS Max M1's Review? In this article, I'll review ASUS Lite L1 and will try to cover everything for you.

Before I proceed any further with the review, there are some spoilers on the Internet for you. Earlier this year, Asus unveiled the curtains from over the ROG Phone along-with ASUS 5z and company's new lineup of PC products in Computex 2018. Asus has started launching ROG Phone in different markets and according to rumors, ROG Phone will be coming to India later this year. But that's not it, talks are getting heat that Asus is preparing to launch two new models of ASUS lineup very soon, likely in December 2018. ASUS Max Pro M2 and ASUS Max M2 are the speculated devices we could see launching soon. The idea of Global first launch in India has suited the Taiwanese Giant a lot, so it can be expected that Asus might host another Global Launch in India in the upcoming month. Though there is nothing solid which I can state but we can hope for the best. Without stretching it further anymore, Let's talk about ASUS Lite L1.

Design & Build Quality
Both ASUS Lite L1 & Max M1 are Flipkart exclusives, Lite is available for 5,999INR with an extra discount of 1,000INR on with other offers available to avail. Black & Gold are two color options similar to the color scheme of Max M1, in my opinion, its good to minimize the chance of confusion between colors. The material ASUS Lite L1 build of is Plastic which justifies the device being a budget smartphone. Lite L1 is boasting a 5.45inch 18:9 HD+ Display with 82% screen-to-body ratio & 400nits brightness, and multitouch support up to 5 fingers. Alike Max M1, the display on ASUS Lite l1 is bright enough with curved edges, which gives a decent look to the screen, overall the device weighs 140 grams (4.94 ounces).

Atop of the device its the  3.5mm headphone jack (big win over the fruit!!), Volume rockers & the Power buttons are placed on the right, the Triple Slot Hybrid Sim tray is on the left which offers storage expansions for up to 256GB externally. At bottom USB 2.0 & the speaker grill are given with a secondary grill which not more than a dummy, just to keep the design aesthetics together.

asus zenfone max m1 camera auto 5 starktend.jpg

Moving to the back, the rear camera plus LED flash is what comes next, the rest of the area remains clean with ASUS branding in the middle, but there's no Fingerprint Reader there!!? I'll talk about this later in the article. For One-Hand use I would say, its an absolute device, I literally had no issues the whole time, when I was using the device, you can reach hardware keys with ease. I like the fact that Asus managed to give a suitably big screen in 5.80inch form factor, also the device fits nicely in the pocket.

Performance & Benchmarks
ASUS Max Lite L1 is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 64-bit Octa-Core processor with Adreno 505 GPU same as ASUS Max M1. On the storage side, it comes with LPDDR3 2GB Ram and 16GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB via Micro SD Card. In addition, you get the 100GB of Google Drive's cloud storage space alike Max M1. I said, what one can do with 100GB of cloud space if it expires in a Year. Well, you can use it for File distribution if that's your hobby.

Lite L1 comes with a 3000mAH battery. On a single charge, you can use Lite L1 continuously for 7+hrs. The device is not for gaming its Bold & Clear, though with normal usage like surfing the Internet all day and watching YouTube videos for long won't be an issue. ASUS Lite L1 has all the ZenUI 5.0 goodies and apps which are the result of long development and improvements, with Audio Equaliser & Mobile Manager which embeds Power Master Technology inside, it becomes quite handy to optimize the device and monitor background activities, Auto-Start manager helps you gain control over naughty apps like Facebook & Instagram.

Before we move to Benchmarks straight, I want to talk a little about the Audio Equaliser. I've been using ASUS 3 since the last year and Audio Equalizer served very well. I can adjust the Bass, Treble, turn ON/OFF sound enhancements or I can just choose a preset like Jazz, Pop, Electronic etc. Matter of the fact is, no phone comes with an Audio Equaliser in such price range and I believe if you're really tight on Budget, and you can't live without Music then ASUS Lite L1 should be one of the phones from the list of your choices.

Jumping to Benchmarks, the scores are almost similar to what ASUS Max M1 scored. Though both of the devices use the same processor but depending on the number of apps and present load on the system Benchmarks scores can change. Though, you would get the same performance on Lite L1 as you would on Max M1.

asus zenfone l1 geekbench 4 antutu benchmark score starktend.jpeg

Game Genie is something, which I really appreciate. Like I stated above these devices aren't the standard devices for Gaming, but nothing is a line of stone. You would also appreciate the presence of Game Genie, a smart utility from Asus if Lite L1 is your next device.
I like the feature of Display Scaling and block alerts. With Display Scaling the whole Display can be utilized and the experience lives up to the mark of expectations.

asus zenfone lite l1 game genie1 starktend.jpg


You can read in brief about my thoughts on Gaming with Max M1, as Lite L1 also uses the same processor & GPU so nothing really changes.
I like to keep things simple, though I'm presenting you with the GamePlay of same games which I tested & played on Max M1, Let me know what you think about this, drop your comments down & suggestions about games which I should Play from the next time.

Shadow Fight 2

Vector 2

Basically, there is no difference in GamePlays if it is Lite L1 or Max M1. You can drop your comments down if you have a specific/different theory on Gaming!

The rear camera setup of Lite L1 is similar to Max M1's rear cam setup i.e, 13MP rear camera Lens with F2.0 aperture, Phase-Detection Auto Focus & LED Flash. The following Pixelmaster Camera modes are given Auto(Night HDR & Portrait embedded), Beauty, Panorama, Time Lapse (with Power Saving) & 9 Live filters you can apply while capturing the Image.

In my opinion, these Filters should receive major improvements or Asus should remove them on purpose because I never find these filters good enough for use. It could be different what you guys think about the presence of these Live Filters, Let me know if you think a bit different.

The New UI
The camera UI is all new with the simplicity & ease of usage. The camera performance is basically good, and there's room for more slight improvements. You go for Photography using one hand only, being slightly small in size helps a lot, although I prefer devices to be compact.

asus zenfone lite l1 camera ui starktend.jpeg

Auto Indoors
The camera performance under indoors is quite similar of both Max M1 & Lite L1, there's no such difference which I or you can highlight by just looking at the Image, but ASUS Lite L1 suffers from Focusing objects, and it's not just with Maros it is also with objects at a smaller distance.

asus zenfone lite l1 camera auto 0 starktend.jpg

Auto Outdoors
Outdoors, the camera delivers noticeably better Image results with a bunch of details, even on Zooming the image, you won't notice Pixelation if shot Outdoors. Although, I feel the camera fights a little with adjusting Shadows & Highlights. And if editing is what you better at then you can adjust images.

asus zenfone lite l1 camera auto 1 starktend.jpg

Portrait Mode
Portrait results are good enough to fill up the satisfaction bar. Edges are sharper, Blurr is better then it used to be on earlier ASUSs. The camera sometimes delivers highly saturated Picture in scenarios when shot under direct Sunlight.

asus zenfone lite l1 camera portrait starktend.jpg

Auto Indoors
Low Light images are not that great, I would say its just ordinary. You can spot the difference by bringing down the brightness to the lowest and doing the opposite next. For Low Light Automatic Brightness should be kept enabled all the time, my opinion.

asus zenfone lite l1 camera auto 2 starktend.jpg

Auto Indoor
As I stated above, the Low Light & Macro is just ordinary, for me, the end result is not satisfactory.

asus zenfone lite l1 camera auto 4 starktend.jpg

Auto Indoor
I shot some pictures with both the Max M1 & Lite L1 to in search of flaws and plus points of the camera. So, you can go through my review articles by keeping the side-by-side. Let me know if you find something.

asus zenfone lite l1 camera auto 3 starktend.jpg

Optimize ASUS Lite L1
Well, this part is where, the trick remains the same for both Max M1 & Lite L1 which is, disable all the unnecessary stuff, use Mobile Manager app and if required bring down the animation & transition scale from developer settings, as both run Android and even the same version of the OS.
I remember that Asus announced during the launch that they've managed to bring the best User Experience by giving a minimum number of pre-installed apps and other bloatware which in terms of Max M1 comes absolutely true but not for Lite L1. There are two extra apps pre-installed in comparison with Max M1, matter of the fact unistallation is not allowed.

asus zenfone lite l1 disabled apps starktend.jpg

For 5,999INR and other discounts & offers applicable ASUS Lite L1 can be on your list of choices. Those who are tight on a budget should not consider this as a budget device alone, but there are many factors to consider like the compact Form-Factor, a decent Display, and utilities like Audio Equalizer & Mobile Manager. For Lite L1 too, I would suggest you buy a tempered glass and a case to ensure the safety in cases when you might drop it or scratch the screen as no glass protection is given. The end drill is same, You can ask me questions about anything which either relates to ASUS Lite L1 or Max M1, also drop your comments down about what your thoughts are for the device and if there is something left to cover by me.

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IND Level 4 | All posts
When we will get the update. #Asus ZenFone 3s max 
starktend IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
arraja786 posted on 2018/11/19 18:57
When we will get the update. #Asus ZenFone 3s max 

No info on that. BTW 3S Max runs Mediatek right..?
IND Level 4 | All posts
starktend posted on 2018/11/19 19:18
No info on that. BTW 3S Max runs Mediatek right..?

Yes. At least provide the further update in android nougat 7.X.X
From phone launch to till date run with 7.0 only . This is totally shit of Asus
IND Level 4 | All posts
starktend posted on 2018/11/19 19:18
No info on that. BTW 3S Max runs Mediatek right..?

Almost two years completed. Worst developer team.
IND Level 1 | All posts
I would need to point a flaw that has missed the eyes of the reviewers. Being a smartphone, the first feature that should work flawlessly is the ability to call which is missing in LITE L1.THE VOLTE SUPPORT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN LITE L1 EVEN AFTER TWO OTA UPDATES. WHEN WOULD THE VOLTE SUPPORT BE PROVIDED.
starktend IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
kaka.hussain posted on 2018/11/19 21:58
I would need to point a flaw that has missed the eyes of the reviewers. Being a smartphone, the firs ...

How did you managed to call then.?? BTW its 4G device, Can you brief your issue.!?
IND Level 1 | All posts
I am not able to use jio sim for calling purpose as volte is not available. Have to use vodafone in the 2nd slot to call and pay call charges. 
Got my earlier phone replaced and 2nd phone have same issue.
Too many users of l1 have reported calling isue on flipkart product page.
Informed asus thru umpteen tweets rgarding this issue and reqsted a possible time for the rectification.
No reply till date.
Asus is interested in selling products.
starktend IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
kaka.hussain posted on 2018/11/20 06:43
I am not able to use jio sim for calling purpose as volte is not available. Have to use vodafone in  ...

Did you try Resetting Network Settings..??
IND Level 1 | All posts
starktend posted on 2018/11/20 00:21
How did you managed to call then.?? BTW its 4G device, Can you brief your issue.!?

Jio calling with volte not supported.
Too many users of l1 have report3d iswues of volte.
Asus not giving reply.
4g volte is writen on package but no support for volte
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