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[Replied] [Appearance] Zenfone 3 Deluxe 5.5 (ZS550KL) 6 month review

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Last edited by arvindmundhe997 on 2018/11/7 21:02

Hey All,

Just thought I'd write up a 6-month review with my Zenfone 3 Deluxe 5.5. Just fyi I'm coming from a bootlooped LG V10 so that's where my perspective comes up.

Overall I think this phone has been a solid all rounder. But here's my breakdown:


Body - The phone still looks great, no scuffing or anything. I'm actually surprised at how clean the back plate still looks. I'm reasonably careful with the device... it's taken a couple tumbles onto hardwood floor and tiles but I have no damage on the device. I do keep a tempered glass screen cover though. It hasn't developed any flexing or creaking, still a solid feeling device.

USB-C - The port has held up well, It doesn't feel worn or loose when I plug in a cable. Unfortunate that the protocol used is USB2.0 though.

Headphone jack - I routinely stick my headphones in and then jam my phone into my pocket and the jack is still nice and strong. Audio quality is ok... not great. I had to adjust the internal sound mixer a lot to get it to sound right though. Audio is not nearly as nice as my old V10. I really like having FM radio, and it works pretty great. Almost as good reception as my car has, and my car has a big antenna sticking up 3 feet in the air.

Capacitive buttons - Took me a while to go back to hardware buttons but I like them overall. I wish they were a little higher up, it looks slightly wrong to me that they are not centered in between the bottom edge of the device and the bottom of the display.

Fingerprint reader - Works great, no complaints. The rectangular shape is kinda weird but it's rock solid in detecting my fingers. It's even faster at unlocking the device than my work iPhone 6S.

Speakers - earpiece speaker works, no real complaints. The loudspeaker is ok... not great. It's loud enough to hear things but I definitely use my bluetooth speaker if I want to listen to something properly.

Display - I'd say it's a perfectly usable display. It's not amazing to be honest, but it's not at all bad. It feels like a run-of-the 1080p LCD display, kind of on the cold side by default. But you can adjust that which is nice. I get some faint motion blur when scrolling around but it's not distracting or anything. Brightness wise it has a good range, at max brightness I can usually see it under sunlight which has been a common use case for me this summer. I also use it at the dimmest when I'm in bed and it goes pretty dim which is nice.

CPU/chipset - The 625 is more than capable for my uses. I basically do some podcast listening + waze on my 30 minute commute, web browsing during the day, occasional camera use, light youtubing during lunch. Sometimes when I'm bored I'll play a game and I've never had hiccups. My V10's snapdragon 808 was awful and would stutter all the time, overheat on the simple games, so I'm thoroughly enjoying the performance of this phone.

Battery - As I said before, I'm very much enjoying how much life I get out of a single charge. With light to moderate use I can get through 2 works days without charging. I tend to charge every night just in case I have to use my phone heavily the next day, but usually I go to bed with 40% or so which is pretty awesome compared to my V10 which I had to carry a second battery around for. The Quickcharging is also really nice in case I do run low and need to top up quickly.

Cameras - Easily the weakest point of the Zenfone's hardware. I use the rear-facing camera 99% of the time. The pictures are clearly not very sharp and have a lot of smoothing applied to them by software, if you zoom in a lot you can see how muddy things look. Most of the time I choose to shoot in manual mode because I find the automatic mode misses the mark on white-balance or exposure like 75% of the time. So if I shoot manual and I get a bad image... I know it's my fault. In manual mode the pictures are much better, but still not great and not nearly as nice as the V10's camera. If it has a lot of light to work with the images are usable, but lose that light and the images quickly get grainy and lack color definition.

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Hi Arvindmundhe,

Thank you for your review on our device :-)

Asus is continuously striving to provide better software and features for our devices.

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