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[Resolved] Need Confirmation for SIM 2 related to 2G Network limited

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version: now (2.17 on the screenshot)
Frequency of Occurrence: 2G/4G
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: SIM 2
Screenshot: -
Hi Asus,

I'd like to confirm about the network supported on SIM 2.
Does it's really only work on 2G because of the hardware limitation?

Because I'd get 4G network (provider display name) on the SIM 2 as shown on the attached picture it show "4G SingTel" on it. But when i checked on other phone (sgs 2 and sgs4) which doesn't support 4G network on their hardware, the provider display name was only shown as "SingTel" without any 4G on it.
I can't try using the network data because i know there's no setting on SIM 2 to activate the data connection. So i don't know wether it's really working on 4G or it just a display name.

I just want to make sure and get exact answer from the moderator that the SIM 2 only work on 2G and can't use data network because of it's hardware limitation or it could be implemented in the future to use the data connection from SIM 2.

Thank you

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I have 2 LTE SIM mounted. For both works voice on LTE but data connection is available only for SIM 1 due to an hardware limitation.
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dh.bkr IDN Level 2 | All posts
aferende posted on 2015/7/16 17:26
I have 2 LTE SIM mounted. For both works voice on LTE but data connection is available only for SIM  ...

I got this from xda forum :

"The ZenFone 2 has two modems, one for each SIM. SIM 1 has the Intel XMM 7260, which is LTE capable. SIM 2 has Intel XMM 2230, which is 2G only, but is data capable (EDGE), and has dual SIM support. In theory the ZF2 could be capable of triple SIM support, and support for data on SIM 2 should be a software limitation."

The source are here

Some says hardware some says software, so i did like to ask the moderator here to explain what factor did limit the sim 2 thus can't be used for data connection.
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