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[Experience Sharing] ASUS Max Pro M1 receives a major Software update

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Why your company not fix battery drain problem? Why? This problem is rised last 3 months but your developer not solve this. All customer are post your community forum but your company careless on your customer. 
Did ASUS Max Pro M1 will have EIS update in future updates???
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It is not behaving as a 5000 mah phone. Please fix battery issue.
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Battery performance is not good it's not working compare 5000mah its work like some 3000 mah its last only 2 days or 1 day
fix battery drain issue  
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The battery drain issue has been around for a time and hasn't been fixed.Also the audio via headset is very low an no equalizer present.Also inbuilt call recorder not available.Also 3rd party call recorders don't work.Just make sure that the minimum brightness is really dim and not just around 30%.Also gestures don't work effectively.and the notification sound issue also needs to be solved.
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Is it just me or does the camera take a long time to process an image? It's painfully slow on my device.
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Last edited by panks103 on 2018/9/20 19:21

Dear ASUS team,

I am very happy with my ASUS max pro m1 6gb variant. It serves my purpose with enough horsepower and an outstanding battery life, enough to last me over 2 days of use.
The finger print sensor and the camera performance has improved a lot since I first got this beauty.
However I have to report a couple of small issues, while typing on the default GBoard keyboard the haptic feedback seems to skip a few quick key presses.
Although its not causing any loss of functionality, however it makes me wonder if I missed typing the alphabet which skipped the haptic feedback.
Its becomes annoying specially when this happens in a password text field, as there is no visual indication as to which alphabet might have been skipped. I can confirm this on a different handset as we have 2 ASUS Max pro M1s in the house. Yeah I liked it so much I got it for another family member.

The second issue is with the low output volume via earphone jack, audio is very low even at 100% volume levels.

The Third one is screen brightness related, screen doesn't dim low enough in dark environments and not bright enough in broad daylight.
I hope these might get fixed in the upcoming releases.
You guys are doing phenomenal job with quick updates and fixes. As a software developer myself I can definitely say its not a small feat to achieve by any means.

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1. Camera interface need a lot of improvement, like manual mood, time laps, slow motion, and overall interface.
2. Sound enhanced like equalizer, Dolby or something like that.
3. Need a inbuilt app Lock, for privacy.
4. Finger print sensor gestures, like receive call and navigate the UI.
5. Need optimization of battery. Battery drenig to much.
6. Wall paper not sopurt,
7. Inprove the headset music quality.
8. WiFi lose bandwidth.
9. Security update on time.
10. Volume slider need to more accurate.
11.Recently found that after last update WhatsApp camera
Is not working. It's just work in video not get sanp when I press the Sutter button.
12.add call recording option in next update,
13. why Asus delete equalizer feature in last update. And there is no application Lock features
Total e worst of money, don't by any Asus phone.
They just don't want to give service.
In this price I think MI doing better than Asus
Asus doing nothing improvements in os,
I don't understand is this any value for us
I was lots of expectations form Asus
They commet that they will solved the bugs
But no, there was nothing.
I jus fedup with this device.
Asus listen, you r for us, we not for you
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Dear Asus 
Please change the camera app to the Google cam app
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The time to charge battery up to zero to 100 is quite high
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