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[Tutorial] How to Install Google Camera on Max Pro M1 Without Root ( enable cam2api )  

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ranger_biru posted on 2019/1/11 20:23
i never do unable , but factory reset should be can unable it


When we are getting android pie update in Asus zenfone max pro M1?

Ketika kami mendapatkan pembaruan pie android di Asus zenfone max pro M1?
sir after typing the command it is saying like this as shown. Pls HELP...
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nishantmohil619 posted on 2018/9/13 13:41
After oem command it prompt waiting for any device 

Make sure the USB settings in( Developer s
Options) is set to MTP file transfer

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Status failed and i restart laptop and begin from the first step but it's still same, please help
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There is no change while checking in Manual Camera Compatibility app. All the test results are not compatible. I am using beta pie version. Any suggestions on how to install Google camera without root?
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I have enabled Cam2api.Then i installed Gcam 6.How do i activate night mode?Or is it not in Gcam 6th version?
This link is adb version(2015 Microsoft corporation).But in your photo it is adb (2018 Microsoft corporation) please give the exact adb fastboot
Nothing happened when I type fastboot devices
Jimmy_Vincent posted on 2018/9/11 22:21
Nothing is happening when I type "fastboot devices."

I faced this problem too and I don't know how to fix this plz help me
ranger_biru IDN Dr.Zen(ID) | All posts
shahabasmattathil posted on 2019/4/14 22:49
I faced this problem too and I don't know how to fix this plz help me

did you turn on your developer option and usb debug ?


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