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[Tutorial] How to Install Google Camera on Max Pro M1 Without Root ( enable cam2api )  

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ranger_biru IDN Dr.Zen(ID) | All posts
Last edited by ranger_biru on 2018/8/6 10:21

I believe many of you want to install 3rd party Camera like Google Camera or any others aplication on your Zenfone Max Pro, or you want to compare PixelMaster Camera, Google Camera dan Snapdragon Camera in same time ? but most of if,  to install 3rd party aplication you need to root your phone first. Some how, now you can enable cam2api with easily & of course without root.

You need to download first ADB Fastboot , if you has been install USB Driver previously, you can skip this step.
Download minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4.3_setup.exe

1. Once finish download, Install and open the folder :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot
( this can be different with your pc / laptop, just make sure you open the folder from ADB you install previously)
2. Inside the folder, press Shift + right-click , then select Open Command Prompt Here
3. Turn Off your Zenfone Max Pro M1, press Power Button and Volume UP at same time to access   Fastboot Mode .

4. Connect you Zenfone Max Pro M1 with laptop / Pc
5. Then type

  1. fastboot devices

Make sure your device has been detected, marked with a unique number display.

6. Then type  
  1. fastboot oem enable_camera_hal3 true

and enter

7 . Next type
  1. fastboot reboot
and press enter again.

8. And you are done for  enable cam2api , your device will restart.


Next Step is check whether your device has been able to install Google Camera.

You need to Install Manual Camera Compability aplication.
Manual Camera Compability apk

if you finish download, run the aplication and check the result.

See above picture that i has been mark with red square. If yours has the same result means you are ready to install Google Cam. Download Google Cam and feel the difference.

(Arnova version, 22-07-2018)
Download Google Cam Arnova Ver8  

Or if you want to try other version you can check directly here

This is recomended setting Gcam version Arnova :

  • Open Gcam, click the menu on the top left, select Settings
  • set "Bokeh Effect Resolution" to High
  • Click Advanced menu - set "HDR + Parameters" to Super High
  • Level of Sharpness: ON
  • set "HDR Image Quality" to 100%
  • Use Classic Smartburst: ON (disable Google Photo & Motion Photo)
  • Disable Zoom In Portrait Mode: ON
  • Auto Exposure In The Portrait Mode: ON
  • Repair in Less Light Condition: ON

For 4K UHD video options, capture sound, or other settings, it depends to you.If you record video with 60 FPS, change the resolution to FHD 1080p, then change the number 30 to 60 in the video when you want to record.
Disable HDR + / Retouch face if you want to use flash on the front camera.

How is the result ?  Did you find any different when using Gcam and original camera ?
below is my result , left using original Camera, right using Gcam. I am not good photographer so you might try your self to take better picture.

Please let me know if you has any trouble when Install Google Camera on Zenfone Max Pro M1 Without Root.


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IND Level 2 | All posts
Or you can watch the whole process on the video plus AR Stickers -
IND Level 1 | All posts
After doing this, we will still get OTA updates? Will it harm our warranty?
ranger_biru IDN Dr.Zen(ID) | All posts
imsandeepraj posted on 2018/8/7 18:50
After doing this, we will still get OTA updates? Will it harm our warranty?

should be no problem with ota updates. beside if any thing mess you can just factory reset you phone and everything back normal
IDN Level 1 | All posts
why my devices cant detected ?? have some solution ?
IND Level 1 | All posts
thanks for sharing valuable information
MYS Level 1 | All posts
Had problem enabling camera2api
Fastboot oem enable_camera_hal3 true 
Status :failed/error... 
Fastboot devices detected btw. Please help

ranger_biru IDN Dr.Zen(ID) | All posts
ym.operasional posted on 2018/8/8 09:58
why my devices cant detected ?? have some solution ?

did you activate developer option ? please check first
ranger_biru IDN Dr.Zen(ID) | All posts
kikplip posted on 2018/8/16 22:47
Had problem enabling camera2api
Fastboot oem enable_camera_hal3 true 
Status :failed/error...&n ...

re start you laptop, try again from first step
should be work
FRA Level 1 | All posts
Thank you very much for your work. 
Will it also work on a Zenfone 5 ? 
Is it also allowing us to install other google apps which are blocked for our devices ? 
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