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How to activate Kids Mode?

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Nowadays, getting more kids immersed in tablets at airport andplaying mobile games when parents doing grocery shopping. We have all seen itmostly everywhere. Now parents, we all know the struggles of ensuring kids tohave quality learning time over the smartphone at the same time worried addictionstrikes in. It does bother us a lot. Some of you may not find this new but KidsMode does help to keep your phone privacy data safe, limit specific applicationto use as well as kids spending time on smartphone.

      i.         Go to Settings

     ii.         Under personalcategory, tap Special Mode

    iv.         Select Kids Mode

     v.         Set PIN number forsecurity purpose

    vi.         Choose one securityquestion. This is to enable PIN reset in case previous PIN code is lost.

  vii.         Then, select the appsthat you allow your kids to play.

  viii.         Choose which mode toblock incoming calls or off the function

    ix.         Successfully enter toKids Mode now.

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