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ZenFone 4 Pro - Flagship with dual cameras and 10x zoom

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ASUS ZenFone 4 Pro (ZS551KL) has a beautiful 2.5D glass body with built-in advanced dual camera system that includes a built-in 1.4 µm, 1/2.55 inch flagship Sony® IMX362 sensor and f/1.7 large aperture high-sensitivity camera, and a 2x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom lens camera equipped with the Sony® IMX351 sensor. Users can select the most suitable camera to take photos of different objects and focal lengths, freely recording touching moments in life.

The all-new ASUS ZenFone 4 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm® Snapdragon 835 8-core processor and 6GB memory, and has powerful mobile operation performance that can achieve lightning fast photography experiences. It also supports Cat 12 LTE mobile internet and is equipped with 2x2 MIMO design dual-band (2.4 GHz/ 5GHz) antenna, able to provide a maximum Wi-Fi download speed of 866Mbps. It can run smoothly without lags whether for playing games or streaming multimedia!

ZenFone 4 Pro Product Appearance

The gift packaging method gives people the joy of opening a gift.

The main camera of the dual camera is equipped with Sony’s flagship IMX362 sensor and 10x zoom capability.

The secondary camera is equipped with Sony’s IMX351sensor 2x optical zoom lens and 10x digital total zoom.

Uses 2.5D Corning tempered glass.

Pure Black/really reflects directly just like a mirror.

The Home button also has fingerprint identification.

Main camera: SONY flagship IMX362 12 megapixel sensor
Secondary camera: SONY IMX351 sensor

Front Camera: SONY IMX319 sensor, 8 megapixel87.4° view/F1.9 aperture/phase focus

Dual speaker / USB-C / 3.5mm headphone jack

The three built-in microphones are equipped with ASUS noise reduction technology.

Volume button / Power switch

SIM card / Dual card dual-standby

Slot 1: 2G/3G/4G Nano SIM card
Slot 2: Either a 2G/3G/4G Nano SIM card or a MicroSD card can be used; supports a maximum of 2TB MicroSD cards

A ZenFone 4 Pro dedicated transparent protective case is included in the box.

ASUS genuine USB-C cable

USB charger output: (normal) 5 volt 2 ampere (quick charge) 9 volt 2 ampere


ZenFone 4 Pro test data
AnTuTu Benchmark ran under a normal environment with a temperature of approximately 24 degrees Celsius.

3DMark scored 3772

CPU-Z hardware specification support

ZenFone 4 Pro uses dual camera and the main camera is equipped with Sony’s flagship IMX362 sensor, 2x optical zoom, 10xdigital zoom lens. The same scenery is used as the test environment to take daytime and nighttime photos for comparison. In terms of ISO performance, the zoom mode should have better performance for night shooting, but using zooming to take photos during daytime when there’s sufficient light is even better. Even the captions on the Taipei 101 building can be clearly taken.

ZenFone 4 Pro sunset time lapse (0:11)

ZenFone 4 Pro dynamic time lapse recording (2:30)

The flagship ZenFone 4 Pro dual camera phone released by ASUS runs very smoothly whether for apps or games thanks to the Qualcomm 835 8-core processor. A large 5.5-inch screen is used on the exterior with ultra-narrow frames of only 2.1 millimeter. Another great thing is that the width of ZenFone 4 Pro is reduced this time so that users won’t have to worry about dropping the phone because it is too wide. It also feels a lot better and more convenient for single-hand operations.

The camera function includes 2x optical zoom, and the photos taken with the 16 megapixel camera are almost as good as the ones taken with professional cameras. And for the recording, if you have taken a close look at the ZenFone 4 Pro sunset time lapse video, you will realize that the phone will automatically adjust the exposure and ISO, which caused the subject to be out of focus due to the automatic adjustment during recording; I suggest they enable the selection of manual or auto modes for this. The next thing is that extremely durable sapphire glass is used for the lens of both the cameras. This is very thoughtful because it can prevent the lens from getting scratched and affecting the quality of shooting.

As for the power, it uses a 3600mAh lithium battery so power is really not something you have to worry about. I spent an entire day recording videos, taking photos, answering calls and using apps with it, and by the time I got home at 10pm, it still had about 20% of battery power remaining. Then I used the genuine USB charger of ZenFone 4 Pro that provides18W (9V/2A) quick charge, and the battery quickly charged to 100% again in less than 90 minutes.

ASUS ZenFone 4 Pro (ZS551KL) official introduction

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IDN Dr.Zen | All posts
zenfone 4 pro very nice...
IDN Dr.Zen | All posts
steady design, I like that. is it ready in Indonesian market?
Even with the Zenfone 5 Series is coming, the Zenfone 4 Pro is surely a premium zenfone! Hope to try it on my mobile photography too
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