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[Unbox] 【ZenFone 5 Lite Unboxing】4 cameras with ultra wide-view + 18:9 aspect ratio!    

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Note: ZenFone 5Q (ZC600KL) in Taiwan= ZenFone 5 Lite (ZC600KL)

As the first launched smartphone of ZenFone 5 family, ZenFone 5Q (aka. ZenFone 5 Lite) is now on sale in Taiwan! Just let me show you all the features of ZenFone 5Q!

Compared with ZenFone 4 of dark theme, we have the gift box of ZenFone 5Q for pure white theme for simplicity with a silver ZenFone 5Q logo.

▲ Gift box of ZenFone 5Q of pure white for simplicity

As to accessories in the box, there are clear soft bumper, SIM tray needle, user guide, ZenEar, Micro-USB cable, and USB power adapter.

▲ SIM tray needle, user guide, and clear soft bumper

▲ ZenFone 5Q accessories: micro-USB cable, SIM tray needle, earbud tips, clear soft bumper, USB power adapter, ZenEar.

▲ There is "ASUS" logo on ZenFone 5Q

▲ Midnight Black

【2.5D contoured glass + optical coating】

ZenFone 5Q is designed with 2.5D-contoured glass panels at front and rear as usual and we could see its dazzling appearance enhanced with an optical coating.

▲ ZenFone 5Q with its silver
ultra slim bezel (This is beautiful~~)

▲ZenFone 5Q 2.5D-contoured glass design

▲ZenFone 5Q with 18:9 aspect ratio and ultra slim bezel

【Triple slots: 2 SIM slots + 1 microSD slot】

Compared with previous generation, there are some differences for key design broadside on ZenFone 5Q. For example, earphone jack is moved from the bottom to the top of the phone, and available slots from two to three, i.e., two Nano SIM slots plus one microSD slot.

▲ The position of triple-slot card tray on ZenFone 5Q

▲ Convenient triple-slot card tray design on on ZenFone 5Q: Nano SIM slots *2 + microSD slot *1

▲ Small differences of card tray appearance

▲ ZenFone 5Q has one more SIM slot

▲ Earphone jack at the top of ZenFone 5Q

▲ ZenFone 5Q has its speaker on both sides of micro USB jack

▲ Longer volume key design of 6" ZenFone 5Q

▲ Midnight black and rouge red of ZenFone 5Q

【Security enhancement: multiple unlock】

There’s a rear fingerprint sensor that's perfectly positioned for the way you hold your phone. It unlocks ZenFone 5Q in just 0.3 seconds — even if your fingers are damp! Same as ZenFone Max plus, ZenFone 5Q has face unlock function that recognizes your unique features and rapidly unlocks your phone.

▲ Fingerprint sensor on the back of ZenFone 5Q

▲ Round shape of fingerprint sensor for ZenFone 5Q

【Brilliant photography: ultra wide shot with 4 cameras

With our continuous slogan "We Love Photo", ZenFone 5Q has ultra wide-view front & rear cameras. The front cameras are composed of a main 20MP Sony® IMX376 image sensor with F2.0 aperture camera and a second 120° wide-angle camera. In addition, the rear cameras are composed of a main 16MP with F2.2 aperture camera and a second 120° wide-angle camera.

In just 0.03 seconds — over 10x faster than the blink of an eye — phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) feature of ZenFone 5Q locks on to the subject to make every shot perfectly focused. Moreover, full HD videos benefit from electronic image stabilization (EIS) for blur-free and totally captivating action!

▲ PDAF feature of ZenFone 5Q making it easy to focus

▲ EIS technology of ZenFone 5Q making it easy to shoot clear photos

The front dual-camera system has a high-resolution 20MP main camera with a Sony image sensor that delivers the best selfies you’ve ever seen. It can also take crisp and clear Full HD (1080p) selfie videos! What's more, the two cameras and softlight LED flash let you tailor your selfie style with much ease.

▲ The front cameras of ZenFone 5Q are composed of a main 20MP camera and a second 120° wide-angle camera

【Multi-threaded performance: 3300mAh + SDM 630】

ZenFone 5Q combines incredible performance, optimized power efficiency with a 3300mAh battery, and advanced connectivity with powerful security and convenience features. The latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 630 Mobile Platform with up to 4GB of RAM offers dramatically faster CPU and GPU performance for all your apps and games. Also the built-in NFC technology enables convenient mobile payments with Google Pay.

▲ZenFone 5Q with incredible performance

↓Summary of ZenFone 5Q features↓
☛ Ultra wide-view 4 cameras: front dual + rear dual
☛ Multiple unlock: unlock within 0.3 seconds
☛ Triple slots: 2 SIM slots + 1 microSD slot
☛ Multi-threaded performance: 3300mAh + SDM630

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Any info on international release date?
IDN Dr.Zen | All posts
I like design this zenfone
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How much is it? 
Would it launch in Indonesia?

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  good progress,,, give me one  🐧🐧🐧
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When can we expect it in India??
What would be it's price??
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When its coming to 🇮🇳 india
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🇮🇳 INDIA, launching date?????
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Awesome .. I hope that launch in Indonesia. 
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The biggest problem  lies in customer support..They don't give software support like Xiaomi...And Asus zenfone 5(2018)will face heat against Xiaomi Redmi note 5 Pro.. Otherwise Asus phone is better than Xiaomi
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