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[More Information Needed] [Sound] Headphone volume limited to 50%

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ZeddBread USA Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by ZeddBread on 2018/2/13 08:49

It happened 2 months ago, I can't find a proper solution.
My headphones managed to limit my media volume to 50%. When i try to increase it, even through the Audio Wizard app, it doesn't budge.

This only happens when an aux jack is plugged in or through a bluetooth connection.
Phone's speakers play to 100%, but not through external devices.
I've tried multiple speakers and headphones.

Do I need an update, or is there a setting?
Thank you,
TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi  ZeddBread,

Good day.
Is your firmware version on the latest WW-14.1010.1711.64?
Please kindly restore System UI. (settings > apps > show system > System UI > storage > clear data and cache)
Also kindly check it in safe mode. ( )

Thank you.
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