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What could be the problem of M2's not working mobile data on sim2? 
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Hi Dr. Zen! any recommended apps that can enhance my asus zenfone M1 max pro camera?
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yunyeji123 posted on 2019/1/10 00:04
My led light indicator keeps blinking. I tried rebooting and going safe mode, turning off led inidic ...

Maybe you're still in safe mode or recovery mode try going to recovery mode then select reboot device.
PHL Level 2 | All posts
Zenfone 4 max zc554kl, 
I notice my phone speaker is getting low or from time to time the sound is low even though its max volume, when i first brought it the sound on max volume is really loud but now even in max volume it sound so low and when i decrease the sound apprx 74% of the volume become really low, i can only hear the sound when i put it close to my ear/face(in a room). It's like 75% is the real 1% volume and the 74% and below volume is nothing but a murmur.
Props posted on 2018/12/13 10:05
hi sir, how to open gps location and wireless network on my asus zenfone2 laser, ty

just tap the GPS and Wifi icon from the notification panel
reinalyn72 posted on 2018/12/13 21:54
Hi! How to move apps to sd card? @Dr.Zen(PH) There is no option to move apps to settings.
Model ASUS ...

This feature was removed by Asus since marshmallow I think.
Props posted on 2018/12/16 19:30
I cannot download apps from play store, even i had enough data.... Pls. Help... Tnx...

Try doing a clear cache or clear data on Play Store app
melaiflores06 posted on 2019/1/15 16:59
how to move apps to SD card? i'm using the very first zenfone max gen. thanks!

This feature was already removed by Asus since Android M I think
iyan232 posted on 2019/1/18 23:53
Hi Dr. Zen! any recommended apps that can enhance my asus zenfone M1 max pro camera?

you can try using google camera as alternative camera app
PHL Level 1 | All posts
My reverse charging program kept appearing on my screen even if I don't have anything plugged in my device. I already clean the female port using a brush and it's not even wet. Can you help me out?
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