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[Experience Sharing] Sharing a nostalgic experience as Pixelmaster goes to my school [Part 1]

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Toonster IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Last edited by Toonster on 2015/7/6 17:21

I hope you have enjoyed my earlier photo essays but this is slightly different as this time its very personal as I took a trip down memory lane visiting my school after 20 years. So much had changed but the energy and the electric buzz of excitement was still the same. So let me introduce myself. I am a proud student and alumni of Fatima High School, VidyaVihar (Mumbai) - Batch of 1994. I love and remember my school for the amazing and wide range of opportunities it provided me, back in my formative years.


Learning to shoot hoops on the basketball courts (especially in the rains), running around in the corridors, the football ground, the church and the graveyards, fun with friends , getting punished and standing outside class, falling and getting hurt, the school youth festival ....... As all these memories came streaming in my mind, I started shooting these photos with my Zenfone 2.

I decided to shoot this entire series using the LOMO effect to match my sepia toned memories. This is the 1st part of the series where I will share photos of students going to school as seen by me and captured by the PixelMaster.

Here are the super cute , tiny tots getting off the school bus.


...and another bunch of pre-primary students being guided to their class.



Its seems that now these pre-primary kids need to be accompanied by an adult and they need to walk follow a line formation until they reach their class.


The bus conductor carefully helps these little ones get off the School bus.


Our school has 9 school buses and every school bus has an "Aayaah " onboard to take care of these tiny tots whenever they are dropped to school and back.



A little one being taken to school by his parent...


Many young ones are also dropped off to school by the designated "Autowallaahs".


The tiny tots forming a queue before they go to their class...


.... and off they go..



Can you imagine that we also have geese in the School!! ... They flee as the school bus makes a quick turn.


Parents dropping off their child ....


The students from the secondary section begin to arrive.....


...A mother eagerly helps her child put on this school bag...


Seems like they are looking forward to a day of fun at the school....



Some students come by private transport or taxi....


The bus conductor checks the school calendars to make sure that the students are travelling in their allotted buses only.




Going to school on a scooter... eh!


And then schools are all about friends and companionships.



Well some curious students asked me "Whether my kids also study in this school " .....  hahahah


Coming to school in a Taxi .


TTrrrrrrrrrrnnnnngggggggg ..........The Bell has rung..... and the students run to avoid getting a late remark in their School Calendar.


The School's Vice Principal stands at the entrance to check on the late comers.... someone is going to get a late remark today.



Uh-Oh...... She got a late remark..!!!


A young boy who has managed to arrive late .... opening his bag to find his school calendar. He is sure to get a late remark today.

P_20150626_074313_EFF.jpg l

..... As the kids get busy at school their bicyles wait patiently...


Finally here is a collage created by me to highlight my school (made using Photocollage app), the source of my education and strength that stood by me when I fell and helped me see and grow beyond what I thought was possible in life. F.H.S ( Fatima High School ) , I thank you for shaping up my life and proudly I can say that its one of the best schools in the Central Mumbai Suburbs that takes care of not only the academic studies but also trains students in  extra curricular activities like Basket Ball, FootBall, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis , Judo-Karate, Music, Youth Festival, Annual days etc etc etc ...... Words will never be enough to praise my school ......


Hope you guys liked by post . Do leave your comments below. In the 2nd part of the series I will share fun filled photos of Children playing at School.

I hope that you can also share the memories of your wonder years as a photocollage in this post and lets all re-live those nostalgic moments here again.

When you keep saying things the way it is , ultimately your word becomes the law of the universe.
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Nice pics ...                                                                                                                     
IND Beta Tester | All posts
woah very busy kids than i thought
nice disciplined kids and school i guess ,never seen that line up on normal days anywhere ,but are u sure, u gone there in normal day??  
got happy by seeing mom helping child like in my days of schooling and caught by VP for late lol but in my school., the P.T will do these,
thanks for giving that memories
Toonster IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
ansebovi posted on 2015/7/6 18:30
woah very busy kids than i thought  
nice disciplined kids and school i guess ,never seen that lin ...

Yeah... I was really happy to go back to school ... I am glad to liked the pix. Wait for part 2 .. you will love it.
IND Beta Tester | All posts
Toonster posted on 2015/7/6 19:52
Yeah... I was really happy to go back to school ... I am glad to liked the pix. Wait for part 2 .. ...

really waiting for that ...
IND Level 4 | All posts
Good shots, its true, we all love going back to school as long as we don't have to attend class...Good idea though!
Nice photos! I wonder why your memories have a sepia tone? You are lucky you had a possibility visiting such a school. What kind of permission documents do you need to shoot at school?
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