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[Replied] [Accessory] Headphone problem, audio only coming from the right side

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garalaketan IND Level 1 | All posts
ASUS 5 Bug Report
Model: ZC600KL
Firmware/APP Version: Android 5.0
Frequency of Occurrence: Test
Rooted: No
APP Name: Music
Screenshot: -
I've seen some  people have reported problems with the headphone jack, but everyone seemed to resolve their issue by pushing the headphones hard into the jack. I tried that. As hard as I could. Also tried a different pair of headphones. And all my headphones work only Right Side on my ASUS ZEnfone 5. Anyone else have the problem I'm having with the headphone jack?

Is there any solution for this.
IND Moderator | All posts
Hi garalaketan,

Cross check the headphone with a different device and the device with a different headphone

Follow this method to verify if your hardware is functional:

Go to Calculator=>type " .12345+= "
you will be entered to SMMI_TEST_V4.1.35
Select Headphone_Test=>Press Start to check
IND Level 2 | All posts
Exchange your headphones for new one from service centre I too faced the problem I could hear only from left side .. I got new earphones.   Nd everything is fine now
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Hello! It is a problem with earphone. Please buy a new earphone or carry your existing earphone to servicing center.
IND Level 1 | All posts
my warranty is expired, i'm also suffering from this problem.  earphones warranty is only 6 month service centre reject myearphone.
IND Level 5 | All posts
use spirit and cotton buds to clean the headphones jack slot... make sure u dnt leave any cotton in the slot... after cleaning.. leave ot for a minute or two.. then try ur headphones... always remember do this procedure when the phone is off.. spirit is a common liquid used to clean computer chips... it will vaporize in seconds...
IND Level 5 | All posts
if it is headphones problem then buy a new one .. jbl headphones with mic works in ZenFone 5
IND Level 3 | All posts
Not working than how to check hardware
IND Level 1 | All posts
shubhambarik3 posted on 2015/7/1 20:31
Exchange your headphones for new one from service centre I too faced the problem I could hear only f ...


I have myself tried atlest 3-4 different make headphones.
All got same problem
IND Level 1 | All posts
Original asus headphones are available as a new buying item? Because I prefer those head phone than any other one...
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