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[Resolved] [Signal/ Connection] USSD problem

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Model: ZE551ML
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Hello guys .

I just discovered a USSD code problem ..

... Ussd codes are not working for me .. I am 100% sure its not the problem with operator and it is with phone .. In my other phones ussd codes are working fine.
/bump .. Someone please help me
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do one thing. switch off your phone>>remove all the sims>>then wipe system cache>>turn on your phone>>again switch off>> insert sims>>turn on the phone and check wether ussd codes are working fine or not. if not then change the preffered network type (chose every option and check if ussd is working or not). if then also it doesnt works then put some different sim in the same slot and try again and at last if every step has failed then go to or sell your phone there. last step is highly recommended!!
sime time i akso face this problm
I am facing the problem of network connection in sim1
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Hello! USSD Service is purely depends upon the Service Provider/Operator not on Handset but your Handset require to support some character encoding. It is flash message i.e. it is not saved in Mobile unless and until you use any third party software to convert it into SMS. As there is no such problem to receive SMS, it should not happen. Please inform your Service Provider/Operator to reset your MSISDN in HLR.
You may also try to clear the Cache of ASUS Messaging application or may uninstall then reinstall ASUS Messaging application.
If your problem still remain, you have to swap your SIM.
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