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[Replied] [Sound] Low ring volume at incoming call !!!!

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heyyy... my phone asus zenfone 5 suddenly the ringing volume or incoming call volume got decreased.. even in volume settings, the volume is completely high and full .. but it actually produces very low than usual.. expect the music in the phone all other notifications and alarm volume too decreased .. and during the first sec of the incoming call the volume is good and produces usual sound with usual volume .. but after 1sec it suddenly falls to very low volume that i cant even hear that if I am 1meter away from my phone..
and after this happened, asus music app also is not working .. when ever m opening.. it says  "" Unfortunately, music has stopped" ... please help me ... thank u in advance...
u have too update the build version to up to date ...
contact asus customer care .. and ask about the updated version of ur asus zenfone build no.     then check urs .. if urs is outdated then plz update it ..
link :
please select os : android
in firmware section  - download the updated version from pc or laptop and then copy paste the file in internal storage of phone and then restart it. simple..

u can get to know about this completely through asus customer executive .
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