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A year for Zennovation, Another year of great generation for smartphones. Asus has something big to reveal this summer specifically on April 6 as Zenfone 3 family continues its way to the lime light of innovation era.

To start with here are the specifications of this much awaited cellphone in the market today

- Main Body is Metal with smooth finish at the back and contoured glass in the front
- Touch sensitive controls at the back with blazing fast fingerprint sensor
- OS: Android (6.0), ASUS Zen 3.0 UI
- 5.5 inch display (1080 x 1920)
- 404 ppi, Full HD AMOLED Display,
- 500 cd/m2 (nit) of screen brightness
- Corning Gorilla Glass 5
- System Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 8953
- Processor: Octa-core, 2000 MHz, ARM Cortex-A53, 64-bit
- Graphics:  Adreno 506
- 4GB RAM / 64GB Internal Memory (expandable to 128GB via microSDon sim 2 slot)
- Dual SIM (SIM1 Slot – Nano SIM; SIM 2 Slot – Hybrid, either a SIM ormicroSD card)
- Front Camera is 13MP SONY IMX214 sensor f/2.0
- Main Camera (left side) is 12MP SONY IMX362 sensor f/1.7
- (Right side) 12MP ; 2.3x Optical Zoom, 12x Total Zoom
- 5,000 mah Battery Capacity with reverse charging

One of the Strengths and key features of this handset is its camera and i am focusing more of the ASUS Pixelmaster Dual Lens camera capabilities, some modes and sample images, but first let me show you what is the experience of unboxing the beast, Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom.

1) The Box of the most awaited Zenfone 3 Zoom, Beautiful isn't it, Simple yet Elegant.


2) The Loop Hole Key used to detached Hybrid Sim Card Holder.


3) Paraphernalias


4) Hi-Fi Zen Earphones good for Bassy Heads, Adpater, Fast Charging Cable and an On the Go connector.


5) The Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom. Beautiful? Agree or Disagree, Purchase one, Come back to me and tell me what it feels.


Convince Now? Well now take a look on ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom Camera modes (Rear Camera).

17618963_1986813118002599_468637014_n.jpg 17579942_1986813128002598_100877416_n.jpg    17554995_1986813081335936_1399253592_n.jpg

So much for the features and the cellphone itself, Let us now witness how great the camera of Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom is. Below are the sample photos taken by the Beast.

A) This is a Long Exposure Shot with the exposure time set to 3 seconds and ISO to the lowest which is 50 and of course utilizing Manual Mode and never forget to use a tripod to avoid distortion and to preserve sharpness. Very Easy to set yet Amazing Finish. Notice how clean the photo is, the vividness of color despite dark condition, thanks to its newest camera sensor a 12MP SONY IMX362.

Like a Future Sight

Like a Future Sight

B) A lovely Macro shot of a spider with a bubble above the head reflecting the flower behind. I used Manual Mode here to adjust my ISO and shutter speed. Look at those expressive eyes, somewhat telling us that some beautiful things in life are found on small things. I just used a Universal Macro Lens Clip attached to the main camera which is on the left side. I also used three point lighting for this shot plus an overhead one to achieve the best lighting and detail for my subjects. Passion plus dedication for your work are some of the ingredients to create great photos. Imagination and Innovation completes it all.

Go Beyond Expectations

Go Beyond Expectations

C) Classic and one of the first modes that can be seen since the first generation of Zenfone is the DEPTH OF FIELD. The Asus Zenfone 3 zoom can perfectly execute a depth of field shot or commonly known as background defocusing even at distance. Asus also added a feature where you can regulate how much blur you want for your photo after capturing one. more blur much lovely right? uhmm, not as always hehe there are just some conditions.


D) One of the Highlight of this beast is its feature, the total 12x zoom from the main camera and a 2.3x zoom from the second camera with a focal length of 59mm best for portraits giving you a better depth of field. See how far you can get when using ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom's capability. Just a wow factor for this handset, how much more if you will use an external zoom lens. One of the first and the best so far, I've seen on a smartphone.


A Shot usually achieved using an external zoom lens that is capable to zoom upto 8x, here effortless 12x zoom from the beast shows it all


A 1x zoom shot from ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom.


See how far the buildings were? and that is the power of ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom's 12x zoom feature.

E) Every Photography Hobbyist, Enthusiasts, Professionals and Amateurs are fond of, the eternal ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY. I dont know but for some people staring at stars especially at a clean night sky relaxes them, some cant help but to reminisce some memories of their childhood, loved one and even great days of their life. Truly stars witnessed alot of tears from every eyes, every touch of two different lips, every precious moments ever made. Below is an example photo of astrophotography done on citylights shot at our roof deck, Imagine how much you can achieve if you are in a rural area where lights are few and darkness evade. In this shot I set the ISO to the lowest possible and set my optimization to manual that can be seen at camera's setting, exposure time is 32 seconds and some techniques in order to achieve dark background and clearer stars. Experiment and go beyond your shells from there you can see your skills and capabilties.


F) Night Mode, one of the most useful if you are a lil lazy to set your camera's manual mode. Notice how clean ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom can achieve, compared to lower models where night shots are a bit grainy. The shot is unedited and notice how fast the sensor was even at dark environments, a result that is pleasing to our eyes. Agree?


G) One of the Key selling point of ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom is its High Dynamic Range Pro, As you can see, the unedited picture is well exposed with control in the colors, thanks to the RGB color correction stipulated near the camera along with the laser focus and dual tone flash to balance the saturation of the photo, balance the exposure without compromising the quality and giving the natural colors of the scene. Calm and Relaxing Right?


I) Some people are just happy watching fireworks and I am one them, Are you one of us too? well ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom will never make you feel unworthy. Below are some of my shots taken during the final day of Pyro Musical event in Mall of Asia. For the first picture I set the shutter speed at 1.6 seconds with my ISO set at 50. Great timing give better results. For the second picture i set the Shutter speed at 1/100 since i noticed that camera sensor is overwhelmed when exposed to multiple fireworks shot at the same time, that is why here I was able to capture it with bonus silhouettes in my frame.



Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom will give you one of the best experiences from a smartphone camera. Personally I LOVE this beast. ASUS has still alot to offer, hopefully for the incoming generations where boundaries can be break and go beyond what a camera has to offer. Always remember that the main ingredients in Photogtraphy, for me are PASSION, VISION, and INNOVATION. Our Brain dictates what our eyes see and always remember that photography is one of our gateway in CREATING MEMORIES and Photographs are our gateway to what we call REMEMBERING MEMORIES.

To feed you more, here are some of my Photos taken using ASUS ZENFONE 3 ZOOM. Thank you and Enjoy!











- Mouell Francisco

Facebook: mouell francisco
IG: @mouell

Current ZenFone: ZenFone 5 ZE620KL, ZenFone 4 ZE554KL, ZenFone 5 T00J, ZenFone 3 Max 5.5, ZenFone 4 Selfie, ZenFone Max, ZenFone Go 5.5, ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro, ZenFone Max Plus, Zenfone 5Z, Zenfone 5Q
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woooow! just wow! amazing shot using zenfone zoom
cool shots!
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Good job here Mouell!!!
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Wow good job bro! Galing!
Mouell PHL Dr.Zen(PH) | All posts
Dpa po Tapos hahahaha ,   
PHL Dr.Zen | All posts
Great pics and nice review Mouell. Keep on posting and sharing great pictures.
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Nice! Ganda talaga Panalo ang Photos!
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great shots lalo n un spider..
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nice review and nice pics! pack-up na guys, may nanalo na! hahaha
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