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Same here, Nugat for Zenfone2!
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emisampedro posted on 2018/6/21 15:04
Yes, what you say is what ASUS is doing!!  PROGRAMMED OBSOLESCENCE...

Does ASUS think that we, th ...

Maybe ASUS doesn't want to listen to buyers of good old flagships. I bought two smartphones ZE551ML and ZC550KL straight away, which still work today. There is only a problem that these were my first and LAST (as in my all family) phones of this brand. In ZE551ML after 3 years I had to replace the battery with a new one and only buy at the fifth seller (as if original), the phone read it correctly. The ASUS service didn't try because in the ZC550KL after 1.5 years began to lose the network GSM and warranty repair (which, moreover, didn't give anything) consisted in purging contacts. Therefore, I think that one should give in vain lamentation for updating even version N. Where the same version of M was a failure, because it was full of errors (for me mainly a problem with BT drivers where it was not talked to either Platronic Legend or Sony SBH-80 about Jaybir X3 without saying). So how happy I was with the ZE551ML so without sadness I will avoid this brand and the phones will get kids to play and the final total destruction. Farewell to ASUS ;-)
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