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[Replied] Asus Zenfone 5 Strange lock screen - unable to unlock

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Binu.M.B posted on 2015/9/5 02:29
my home page is locked, I can't remove or add any apps on the main screen due to the same. Pleas ...

Hi binu. for unlocking Homescreen on Zenui Launcher, Long press on blank space anywhere on the homescreen then from the options which popup select preferences > Homescreen and then remove the tick from the Lock Homescreen Option. Job done...
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my zenfone 6 USB is not recognized and OTG problems too..please help me how to fix this problem..
already use magnet solution,but still stuck in cover
what can I do now ? Is there any other solution ?

I solved this problem removing some flat cables like battery, charging board and antenna. Waiting 10 minutes e turning on again. But now the phone is with problems in the soft keys.
Solution: Hold down the power button until the phone reboots. Problem solved.
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It phone have country lock system??
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