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[Share] How to enter Android recovery mode of ZenFone 3 Max and what's inside.

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@jade  my recovery menu is also Chinese, what you can do is search for pictures of English recovery mode menues and navigate to the change language option using the corresponding pictures of each meanie page as you go. I had to do this when I first purchased my phone and it worked great, good luck🤞👍👍
Jade posted on 2017/3/20 22:28
Prevously, Vol Down was the one giving the English version, after my unit came back from the Service ...

You can try searching pictures of the English recovery menu and then navigating to the corresponding Chinese option.
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I am getting  boot up page in china   how do I  get page in english 
Hi All, I'm on the recovery mode and have already done the factory reset but it still stuck on the rebooting screen for almost 24hrs now. Can anyone help me out?
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If ever you unwittingly used Volume down + Power and gets those chinese characters on the screen do not panic, simply press Volume down when you reach the last option press power button and you should be good to go. Volume down + Power will take you to manufacturer interface, that is the part where they test if all the hardwares and softwares works. Like GPS, radio, bluetooth, wifi etc.
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