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[Resolved] [System] ota android m update not getting

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junior_l3oss TUR Beta Tester | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version: last
Frequency of Occurrence: 2.4
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: update
Screenshot: -
i saw android m is released...
but my phone not getting update.
there is a problem ?
how can i get update?
why my update not getting?
i dont want to update manually...
normally update is detecting automatic..
is there phone problem ? serial no problem or not?

CZE Level 1 | All posts
You have to update manually, deal with it
OTHERS Level 5 | All posts
   This reply is the best answer.   
Android M upgrade is available as OTA manual download only. There is no ETA for Android M FOTA upgrade.
As now FOTA updates are reserved for Android L.

Release note for Android M ZE551ML: ... peid%26typeid%3D199
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USA Level 5 | All posts
I updated mine manually. Went off without a hitch. Even though I did say I would wait until an FOTA would happen, I said screw it and went ahead.
junior_l3oss TUR Beta Tester | All posts
thanks for your helps...
USA Level 2 | All posts
Will we get the FOTA update  or this will never happen for android M ??!!!!!
USA Beta Tester | All posts
Maybe if they every get the current bugs fixed
Bug sound in games plis dont manual update
USA Level 1 | All posts
My phone not getting 4g update
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