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First, the followings explain how Android system manages memory.
  • The more memory left means the more memory that is not utilized by system.
  • Only when there is not enough memory will the system retrieve it from "cached background processes" to release more memory to foreground processes.
  • All Android devices follow the same rule to manage memory.

Next, we talk about how the system uses memory.
When app A is first launched by system, it takes more time. Then, when another app B is launched, app A will be pushed to background to be "cached background process", in which all data still be reserved in memory for another quick access. According to the management of Android system, apps of cached background processes can be cleaned only when the system detects there is not enough memory. Still, we can clean these apps by preload "Boost" function.

Now we can check the statistics how memory is used on the picture below.

From the left side of the picture, we can see three items as below.
1. Used: This includes "System" and "Apps", which cannot be released by Boost function.
  • System: Memory that is used by Android system and cannot be force stopped in order to prevent system instability.
  • Apps: For instance, LINE or Facebook Messenger that are required to be resident in memory to keep their function working.
2. Cached: Apps of background processes that can be cleaned.
3. Free: Unused memory.

Therefore, when Boost function is performed, the memory will be released from "Cached". If you would like to have more memory, "Auto-start manager" is recommended to be performed to force stop apps that are not in use.

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