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[Zenfone 2] New System Update is available via FOTA

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Zen_Master IND Moderator | All posts

Dear Zenfone 2 users,

A new system update is available for Zenfone 2 ZE550ML and ZE551ML via FOTA.
Please perform a system update from settings >> About >> System update

Latest Firmware version
ZE551ML -WW_V2.17.40.12_20150515
Release notes

ZE550ML -WW_ V2.17.40.6_20150515
Release Notes

PHL Level 1 | All posts
I can't find system update. Please help.
IND Level 1 | All posts
Zen master when we are going get Android L for ZenFone 5 officially
IDN Level 1 | All posts
zenfone 2 can't update latest fw via ota
USA Level 1 | All posts
Hello, unable to locate system update in about and update firmware.
ITA Level 1 | All posts
I own a mobile Zenfone 2, I updated the firmware to the latest version Worldwide (WW) through the USB connection and the ADB program (boot.img - droidboot.img - recovery.img) without any problem .... everything works perfectly except OTA updates that are not detected even manually.
A small detail concerns the "Release Notes" that despite all the interface in Italian (translated very well) points to the Chinese website (http: //\ .....) rather than to the right one WW (http: // / ....).
I also deleted the cache partition, but without solve the problem mentionated.
I would not reset the phone and lose all configurations of my APP.
The question is simple, how can I change the link - http: //\ ..... - that is in the manual Firmware Update page (OTA)?
Thank you very much.
IND Level 1 | All posts
The new system update it's not working...
IND Level 1 | All posts
The new system update is causing faster battery drain once it crosses below 80%. The screen lock is not working properly... the lock opens when phone's in the pocket and gets warm. The ASUS cover lock is not working... while watching movies the screen gets locked automatically and keeps happening again n again.
IND Moderator | All posts
Last edited by TSD_ASUS on 2016/3/2 14:19
mohanishb posted on 2016/2/21 10:47
The new system update is causing faster battery drain once it crosses below 80%. The screen lock is  ...

Hello mohanishb,

If your been facing battery issues right after firmware update, kindly give some time to calibrate itself.

You may try the following steps below to achieve better battery backup on your Zenfone Devices :

1. Lower screen brightness
An overly bright screen consumes more power and can be harmful to the eye. To adjust brightness, swipe down from the notification bar twice and use the slider. Extend your battery life, and protect your eyes while doing so!

2. Shorten screen timeout time.
To squeeze more juice out of your battery, you can shorten the screen timeout time so that your phone goes into sleep mode faster. Try changing the time from the default 1 minute to 15 seconds.
To change this setting, tap Settings > Display > Sleep.
To change Cover View screen timeout time, go to Settings > ASUS Cover > Automatic sleep.

3. Trim unnecessary background apps.
Prevent unnecessary apps you don't need from running in the background and consuming your battery by using Auto-start Manager. Tap Auto-start Manager to select apps you want to discontinue from running.

4. Use Smart-saving Mode
ZenFone 2 has many extremely useful battery modes, one of which is Smart-saving mode. It provides extra toggles for brightness, a feature that turns off internet, and an Extend Standby feature that lowers battery consumption by efficiently managing your push notifications when your phone is in sleep mode.
Tap Settings > Power management > Power Saver > Battery Modes > Smart-saving mode.

5. Tap Boost from Quick Settings.
Have you ever wished for a single button that solves all your problems? When you tap Boost, not only does it make your phone faster, but it also lowers battery consumption. Swipe down from the notification bar twice to find the Boost button.

6. Choose Wi-Fi over 3G/4G Data.
Using Wi-Fi instead of a data connection will use less battery because your phone doesn't need to constantly search for the network.
To turn on Wi-Fi, swipe down from the notification bar twice and tap the Wi-Fi icon.

7. Turn off Location Services, Bluetooth, and NFC.
Don't be lazy! Turning off these services when you're not using them can extend your battery life. To turn these services off, swipe down from the notification bar twice and tap the Location, Bluetooth, or NFC icon.

8. Set up an Auto-switch mode schedule.
You can't be using your phone all the time! Set up a time interval in Auto-switch mode to automatically switch to a lower battery consumption power mode when you're not using it. To do this, tap Settings > Power management > Power Saver > Auto-switch mode. After enabling this feature and choosing your starting and ending times, we recommend setting it to change to Ultra-saving mode (the default).

For screen lock issues, if your not able to double tap to unlock your device make sure that there is no screen protector or any other object covering the device's proximity sensor due to which it fails to respond most of the time.

If the device gets warm, there are chances that most of the apps are running on the background. We suggest your to use Auto Start manager App and clear most of the apps from the recent task list.
Click on the link on how to use Auto Start Manager:

Make sure that your using an OEM Asus Cover accessory to cover your device, check if the magnetic sensor are not been interfering with the device or with the cover due to which it automatically gets locked.

Here is even a link to understand what happens when you perform and firmware update and what are the steps to maintain a better ASUS device:
Firmware Issues and its Solution - PART I

Thank You
IND Beta Tester | All posts
Now its boring to use asus zenfone 2 due to high RAM consumed problem. Still no nsolution. #unsatisfied  
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