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[Experience Sharing] A crazy idea to shoot underwater with your Zenfone 2

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tootsiedoodle IND Level 4 | All posts
Last edited by tootsiedoodle on 2015/5/19 22:07

Hey guys!

I came across this really cool idea, shared by a Taiwanese guy on the forum and have been experimenting with it ever since. So I thought I could share it with ya'll too. Let me show you how to take pictures underwater, although please note that the Zenfone 2 isn't waterproof. You do not want to damage your phone in the bargain. Stay patient, this may take wee bit time, but it would eventually give away astounding results.

To make it a bit easy, I have scaled it down into a step by step process, this should help you process it quicker.


Make sure you go through all steps, understand it and try it out. Have fun!

What you would need:
1. A ZenFone2 size transparent plastic cup  
2. And a Zenfone 2 of course!

This image details the following:

The Zenfone2 camera is carefully placed into the plastic cup, upside down. The camera should be placed at the bottom.

When placing the camera into the cup,  it should always rest lower than the water level. In doing so, make sure no water enters in.

This is just how you should place it in!

Tip: Always make it a point to look for good angles. Take your time, stay patient, look for the best angle and capture the shot.

The below listed images are an example of a few angles taken during the trial and error process:





I love the blue green gradient shade struck out in this image, it always reminds me of the deep blue ocean!

Conclusion: To be honest, this experiment was really fun and easy! You could have fun too, although avoid dropping the camera into the water, I don't want to be held responsible

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Or You could have said place phone upside in a in a transparent plastic cup and partially sumerge it. Just kidding nice and simple trick. But still risky.Remember it's a non removable battery one false move and you can only watch the phone dying slowly.
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Just put your phone in an air tight plastic bag.
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