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Techzy IND Level 3 | All posts
First of all not many devices of 2014 got a lolipop update.,except motoral moto series,Nexus ,and some flagship devices. Atleast Asus announced a lolipop update for us.
Secondly,Lolipop is the worst update of Android ever even though it had a new design,native support for X86 devices,Improved run time environment etc,.There are serious bugs in Lolipop that can outweigh the few advantages.So asus had to slove these bugs by themselves then custom skin the OS then again fix the bugs.
Thirdly, zenui in kitkat is much better than Stock loliopop,it's both beautifull and feature rich.So asus engineers have to work hard to implement all this features on Lolipop.Infact the new features should be built from scratch.
Give asus some time.
And asus is a new comer to phones so lets forgive asus for the delays
If you still want a buggy Lolipop,then talk to a samsung s6 owner,you'll probably feel sad for them.
IND Level 3 | All posts
Yeah, agree with you. Asus is the only company providing all updates regularly. It may be a lil delay, due to making it much better for their customers. We should support Asus for their services.
IND Level 4 | All posts
OK it is difficult to make a ROM for x86 processor, But did you forget something?.......YES YOU DID ask any developer why is it easy to make ROM for ARM processor Answer is because ARM Processor Drivers are open source, Intel processor drivers are closed source,.........So what's wrong here        YOU FORGOT ASUS HAVE EVERY NEEDED DRIVERS AND CODES, Intel is actually supporting Asus in making the ROM, So open your eyes and look at how much bullshit is going on,    "Fanboys".
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
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amandhamija99 posted on 2015/5/16 16:42
OK it is difficult to make a ROM for x86 processor, But did you forget something?.......YES YOU DID  ...

Google released the Lollipop Emulator for X86 devices in October last year , by that time other ARM developers were already testing alpha versions of their ROMs.In November MOtO G2 was already doing SOAKS tests.Obviously when you dont have a development environment from Google on time then how can one expect early release of ROM even if Intel drivers are available?
Techzy IND Level 3 | All posts
I never said It's difficult to make X86 based android rom especially for Lolipop as support for X86 is baked in by google.And earlier kitkat versions where built over android X86 , which is ported by Intel itself. So Asua never had the over head of porting Android to X86. Aslo intel have more developers working on android than google itself(got that info from a blog).It's jus Asus havw this amature apps that's under development so it's prone to bugs especially with lolipop
TWN Level 2 | All posts
We need to be patient and wait for the update. However, some devices won't get Lollipop over time.
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