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ZenPad S 8 unlock boatloader app?

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donovan USA Level 1 | All posts
First off, I would like to say that the ZenPad s8 is an awesome tablet. I love working with the zstylus especially.

One reason why I support asus in many recent purchases is your relative openness to the developer community.

That said, I was wondering if you plan on releasing a bootloader unlocking app for the zenpad s8 similar to the one you released for past hardware (transformer, zenfone2, etc)?

Thanks again!
donovan USA Level 1 | All posts
Any news on a bootloader unlock method?
ESP Level 1 | All posts
donovan posted on 2016/6/30 18:02
Any news on a bootloader unlock method?

It's a real shame... I only wish that if ASUS does not update this tablet to Marshmallow, at least, let to devs doing the work unlocking de bootloader.. It will be a real reborn for this marvelous tablet (great hw, totally limited by soft).

It will be amazing to test any custom ROM (Android N?) with any extra feature (multi window support??) on the ZenPad S 8.0 ...

I've developed for ZenFone 2, porting some based CM ROM, but I CAN'T do the same for my ZenPad S 8.0... I really miss it...

ESP Level 1 | All posts
It seems it's not on Asus plans to give us support nor updating or tablets. Now I regret buying an Asus product and hardly I will recommend it to anyone (unless to a person I specially hate maybe)

According to the response from technical support from Asus Iberia

First response
Lamentamos mas para este equipamento não está prevista a acutalização para o Android 6.0, pelo que não poderemos enviar-lhe um firmware para a actualização do Android pois não dispomos de mesmo.

Second Response
Lamento mas como indiquei anteriormente até ao momento não está disponivel nem previsto a actualização do Android 6.0 para o equipamento Z580CA.
Relativamente ao bootloader, não estando disponivel o mesmo no site do equipamento não haverá o mesmo para disponibilizar-mos ao cliente.
Lamento mas não conseguimos ajudar com esta questão.

So the rough translation is - No MM available, and no deadline or planned update to MM; And sorry can't help if bootloader unlock tool is not available in the website;
USA Level 1 | All posts
Asus used to be awesome,which is why I got the ZenPad s 8.0,but after having itfor2 days and realizing Asus provides NO support for their high end tablet (can't unlock the boot loader or root or ANYTHING), Asus has turned out to be worse than any brand on the market. I WIAH I HADNT PURCHASED THISNPIECE OF JUNK.
GBR Level 1 | All posts
Has Asus got a bootloader tool hidden from the public?
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