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[Experience Sharing] [Techy Tue.] What do you think about 4K display smartphone? Necessary or not?

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Zen_Ro IND Moderator | All posts
Last edited by Zen_Adi on 2016/5/9 17:58

Mrinal Roy

Here is our first ever, Techy Tuesday Discussion, we would like to know your opinion on 4K display on a smartphone.

Smartphones have definately come a long way with Android. We have seen our phones come equal to specifications that rival desktop computers on all fronts.


Be it Sound, Graphics, amount of RAM etc... What about Display??? It too has come a long way too, but lately, it has become more fad than being functional in terms of resolution.


What do you think about 4k displays on smartphones, is it the next step from an FHD display??? Let us know in the comments about your view on the 4k technology being used on phones, Lets Discuss!!!! and get unique ZenTalk exclusive giveaways Right Now!!

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IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
According to me, 4K displays are NEEDED in smarphones.

As, tech is moving forward day by day, the expectations from the flagships are getting higher & higher & higher.

4K Video playback in FHD Display is good but, same on a 4K display adds much sharper details to the video.

Also, in each and every segments that are related to the screen, 4K display acts like a charm.

So, maybe 4K display is not necessary but, it is surely a better choice for the upcoming smartphones.  


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IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
According to me i dont think that it is necessary to have a 4k smartphone in your pocket but with a screen size of max 6inches (coz it will be harder to keep a 7-10inch smartphone in your pocket)
And with 4k display the rendering of games will require very high end GPU and CPU otherwise it will lag or whatsoever
so if there is high end GPU and CPU used in the phone the price will be also too high and at present techs focus on Budget smartphones not costliest smartphones.

Thanking You


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IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts

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Last edited by Nithin Gopal on 2016/5/3 11:00

4K displays are not necessary in smartphones. Maximum a 2K display is needed
The reason is that we can't feel much difference with 2K and 4K displays in a 5.0 or 5.5 inch smartphones with our naked eyes
But for 6 inches and above devices it may be good
There were Pros and Cons
The Pros are The sharpness increases, Clarity increases, display becomes more vivid
But the Cons is that it increases the pixel density of the screen and hence more charge is consumed and so battery back up reduces
and also to drive the 4K displays the processor needs to work a lot and so it can't be achieved using Low end processors
also we may feel lagging in games, movies, and performance of the device if the processor is not powerful to drive the display
IND Beta Tester | All posts

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Last edited by SVRV on 2016/5/3 21:30


4K displays are not necessary on smartphones.


1. Very less 4K content available.
2. In countries like India high speed internet availability is so scarce and the net speeds are so low that it's pain to use 4K content.
3. In practical usage situations our eye may not be able to appreciate the details offered bya 4K display in comparison with FHD (1080P display).

I think FHD is sufficient for a 5.5 inch smartphone. Text is crisp for reading pleasure. 4K displays require more power and there is hardly any multimedia content available online.

IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts

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Last edited by zeeshankazi7 on 2016/5/5 13:24

No, according to me, its just a gimmick. Extra pixels means extra stress on the chipset and  battery life. Obviously, 4K display means more vibrant and dense display, but, there isn't any visual distinction between a QHD and 4K screen. Also, since low to no availability of 4K content, a 4K screen makes absolutely no sense on smartphones. Not to forget the pricing at which the smartphones having these displays come at.
IND Level 6 | All posts

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I would like to suggest that we dont require 4k display right now. Because asus making best smartphones in the world already.
We can discuss it later in future as per requirement of users.

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Last edited by on 2016/5/3 11:38

Resolution is not the most important aspect of picture quality.the picture quality mainly depends upon the display like iphone have low resolution but the retina display make the difference..many samsung phone have low resolution but the superAMOLED make a huge difference in the image and video quality  4K drain the battery a lot quicker then the others resolution out there price is also a big factor in 4K like SONY Xperia Z5 Premium cost 50000 in india...and you cannot tell so much difference when u see 4K in SONY Xperia Z5 Premium or 1080p in SONY Xperia Z5 I think 4K only helps in VR headset so that video and images does not have distortions finally I think 4K is not necessary in near days...ya after some time we need that why not upgrade is good
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts

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Last edited by rhitikwadhvana on 2016/5/3 22:12

4K display come with both advantages and disadvantages too !
Resolution will be surely far better than 2K. Using that device will be really mind-blowing.
But, I think that it will considerably consume the battery life too. Watching movies, playing games will be fantastic but only to a some extent.
Along with the battery life, it may consume a little bit of RAM too. And ofcourse, a 4K phone will be always charged high. So, some people might see its disadvantages and don't buy it !
It should also have some other great and unique features with the 4K to stay in market competition !
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts

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In my opinion 4k display is not required. There is much difference in 5" screen smartphone and it will effects the battery performance more over it required another hardware support etc ultimately phone cost will increase.
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