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[New Question] recovery .img files ww 20.40.144

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE550ML
Firmware/APP Version: 20.40.14450
Frequency of Occurrence: 50hz
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: no
Screenshot: -
I have downloaded firmware manually for zenfone ZE550ml from official... and I dont found recovery.img files inside of the file.just only boot.img and.droidboot.img?..anyone have that file for that version? thanks

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Refer this it may help you ... hread&tid=14962 ... thread&tid=1158

Check for similar threads inside or outside forum and have a try
visit service center if no luck
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thanks man..I will check it..okay
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Nithin Gopal posted on 2016/4/25 00:03
Refer this it may help you
http://www ...

Hi Nithin,
Appreciate if you can help.   I'm not only amateur smartphone user.
To cut a long story short:

1. 601KL bought from Ali Express
2. Must have come with WW version since had google, etc. on it (did not check then)
3. Seemed to be bugs in software since had no s/w update button, etc.
4. In trying to fix, I mistakenly loaded a CN version which came with Baidu, etc.
5. It seems I unbricked it, now stuck between reboot and fastboot
6. After spending a week on it, familiar with SW versions, I can operate from PC with fastboot, from TWRP on phone, from recovery menu on phone, but cannot get it to work.
7. Downloaded most WW firmware versions, kernel files, adb, unlock from asus site.
8. When 'applying update' from SD, it loads fine but comes up with error 'Error in /sideload /
9. When doing manually, I unzip firmware (UL) using 7zip, I get a .tar file which have to unzip again.
10. While unzipping .tar, it goes in a coma, with errors as in attachment. (I placed files in separate folder)
11. Now restarting from early version 574.

12. Cannot find of recovery.img or fastboot.img (droidboot.img), only boot.img
13. Where to find system.img
14. Any other suggestions welcome
Thanks in advance.
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