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Antivirus Android apps remain one of the most popular types of applications on Android. There have been arguments as to the benefit of antivirus apps and anti-malware apps on Android, but now that malware targeting all sorts of mobile platform (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), your smartphone or tablet's security has never been more important. Read on to find out more about malware and how to protect your smartphone and tablet from malware attacks.

What is malware?
Malware, short for malicious software, is any app used to disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private data, or display unwanted advertising. Malware is defined by its malicious intent, acting against the smartphone or tablet user and may operate without their knowledge.

Is Android safe from malware?
You might be hearing a lot of people on the internet saying "Android is based on Linux/UNIX, therefore it cannot be infected with malware". That's not entirely accurate. Although UNIX-based malware are still pretty rare compared to Windows-based viruses, Android is in no way immune to infection. There are several ways that you can be infected by malware, and we'll be discussing them in this article.

How does malware make its way into an Android device?
One of the ways your phone can be infected by malware is through user error. A gullible user can easily be threatened to click a malicious link from a browser or app advertisement claiming that it found a number of viruses on your smartphone, or install an app claiming to be a game, but is secretly sending your private data to some secret server.

Other methods of infection include the various security exploits, both on Android and third-party applications. Malware that infect your system through this method are much harder to get rid of, since they gain root access through the security exploit, and may lock you out from deleting the malicious files they download into your system.

From time to time, users may be the ones that lower their smartphone's defenses against malware (if they are not careful). Smartphones that have been unlocked, rooted, or flashed with modified/3rd party firmware are at high risk of malware infection, since every app installed on these systems may be automatically granted root access.

How do we protect our devices from malware?
The easiest way would be to keep an anti-malware application installed on your smartphone or tablet. These apps will automatically detect and try to remove any malware that may try to attack your system. Keeping your device updated to the latest firmware also helps, since ASUS has already integrated the latest Android Security Patches into ZenUI. Still, here are five anti-malware apps I recommend:


McAfee Security and Power Booster
One of the most recognizable names in the antivirus industry, the free version of McAfee's mobile antivirus suite has almost all the features of the paid version, and is a great way to get a lot of protection. The power booster is mostly going to be useless, seeing as ZenFones and ZenPads already have their own Boost feature.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
A favorite amongst PC users for it's no-nonsense approach to malware protection, Malwarebytes also released their software for use on mobile. It doesn't use a ton of resources unlike some anti-malware apps, so it's a great recommendation for low-end devices. Plus, it's completely free.


Kaspersky Internet Security
Another recognizable antivirus company makes it's way to Android. Internet Security's basic free version offers on-demand scanning and removal of malware, while the paid version gives you features such as real-time protection, anti-theft, anti-phishing, cloud protection and even a "lost alarm", in case you misplace your smartphone. It's rather heavy on resources though, so keep that in mind.


CM Security
Usually dismissed as bloatware, CM Security is actually a high-ranking anti-malware app according to multiple AV-TEST results. It comes pre-loaded on most ZenFones and ZenPads, in place of the old Dr. Safety from Trend Micro. It has fingerprint locking capabilities and can take pictures of would-be intruders that mess with your phone. It's pretty lightweight, and it's free. Just mind the ads.


AVAST Mobile Security
Avast is just as famous on mobile as it is on PCs, and it's got a ton of features that will be too long to read if we list them all down. It's one of the heaviest on resources though, but the amount of features (even more if you get the paid version) might just make it worth it, depending on your priorities.


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thanks for info.......
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...174 <-- not scan, but I scan DR.WEB SECURITY SPACE{Activate and give Two Weeks for Free) --> ...178 and delete Trojan ↓
Root --> Delete Trojan --> Unroot --> And Happy...
Click-->Trojan Info/Russian Language<--Me
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↓But If You Want To Pay, It Is↓
Click-->Dr. Web Security Space<--Me
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Results --> All Antivirus <-- Russian Language --> here. <-- Test have shown as much as they spent viruses.
Dr. WEB <-- not gold --> Stays 19 of 60 viruses, but I like it And I like it --> 360 <-- Stays 5 of 60 viruses, --> AVG <-- Stays 5 of 60 viruses.
Test --> Best AVL and AVL PRO and TREND MICRO.
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Hey guys.. I'm not sure if this is a virus or not.. All of my browsers are directing me to a page where it is says that my phone (ZE610KL) has a virus. I've already reset the phone to factory settings, clear cache and stuff on all of my browsers and it is still the same. Tried some anti virus apps like like the CM security and it does not detect anything. It's really puzzling. If anyone encountered this problem please share some information on how to resolve this. Thanks in advance.
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yaj101424 posted on 2016/4/26 07:51
Hey guys.. I'm not sure if this is a virus or not.. All of my browsers are directing me to a page wh ...

Hi, bro.
↓I guess that this is not a virus{ just annoying advertising/block click me --> blocking advertising and not just a browser, YouTube and elsewhere <-- click me more info here ), but anyway, I propose to undergo.↓
This always curse on harmful websites.
Try this, or this, or this.
Update the virus database and scan.
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What is the best security app that can protect our device real-time?
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