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[Resolved] [Signal/ Connection] How can I save contacts from my Zenfone 2 to my PC?

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
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Frequency of Occurrence: 2.33 GHz
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I would like to ask you how can I save/backup/transfer contacts from my Zenfone 2 to my computer?

I didn't find an application for PC easy to use for this purpose, only third party applications.
I didn't find PC Link and Share Link easy to use since I have succeeded to connect my phone to my computer via Share Link only after 10-11 attempts, even they were connected through both an USB cable and a wireless connection. After I have succeded to connect my PC to my phone, I saw I can save only pictures through Share Link.

Also, I would not like to use a cloud backup storage for this purpose.

Thank you in advance!

Yours faithfully,
George Feder

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I have mistaked many times backing up my content (including contacts) to PC. PC has a talent: dies more often than a cloud service does. So, i keep my contacts to drive.gugle. You should look at those 3  vertical dots in the right of "contacts to display", after you tap there, you'll see a menu: Now you can use COPY function, as well as import/export function.

I still recommend you to keep a backup on cloud ;)
LE: Why through sharelink? Like a storage is not enough? Just export your contacts to sd, connect as a media device, go to windows explorer and copy your contacts to PC.
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go in rubrica- > Three puntini- > Manage Contacts- > Import / export > Export to storage .

the phone will create a .vcf file that read almost all headings on pc as outlook / apple email etc
gf.feder ROM Level 1 | All posts
My menu is in Romanian, so I found the copy / import-export option is "Contacts Management" (or simillar) after tapping the 3 dots. Anyway, what should I do if I don't have a SD Card?

I want to "physically" store my contacts somewhere for backup, that's why I don't want to store them on cloud. What if I won't have internet when I need them?

Thanks anyway!
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
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gf.feder posted on 2016/3/23 22:37
My menu is in Romanian, so I found the copy / import-export option is "Contacts Management" (or simi ...

yep you can do that
1]tap the three dots icon
2]select import/export
3]select export to storage(dont worry if you dont have sd card it will save to internal storage.
4]select the contact you want to save
5]you will recieve a notification saying xxxxx.vcf has been exported and saved in sd card
6]using file manager open internal storage .
7]you will find the .vcf file
it will be the physical can copy it to pen drive/sd card/email it to friend or any thing
if you want to rstore it click it on file manager and it will show the option as "CREATE CONTACT UNDER=............." select the desire option and your contacts will be back in your phone..
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vaibhavnarain11 posted on 2016/3/24 00:32
yep you can do that
1]tap the three dots icon
2]select import/export

I agreed with you bro this is the most simple and easiest universal way to backup and restore all your contact. Just make copies and distribute to different storage spaces. And Update it time to time at all places.
gf.feder ROM Level 1 | All posts
I will try it before upgrading to Android 6.0. Thanks everybody!
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