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[Replied] Vertical lines and screen flickering problem

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HansM TWN Level 2 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: -
Firmware/APP Version: WW
Frequency of Occurrence: 2.30 GHz
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: bootscreen, ZenUI, camera, all apps menu
Screenshot: -
Last edited by HansM on 2016/3/13 11:58

On 04.03.2016 my Zenfone started to behave abnormally. First, the camera app displayed vertical lines that tended to cover the whole screen. Then, the lines started to show even on the bootscreen and then on the All apps menu. I also notice some flickering.
I've reset the phone to factory settings, wiped the cache partition, reinstalled previous versions of the firmware, but there was no improvement. I've already tried the developer options fixes, but they didn't work.
The phone is not rooted. I didn't drop it or spilled liquids over it. All was fine until it suddenly went nuts.
To have some limited use, now I have to "manually refresh" the screen by dragging the upper drawer (this apparently still works).
After some usage, it gets better to the point of not showing any symptoms. Then after a period of inactivity the screen resumes acting weirdly.

I made a video here:
I'll send it to service, but seeing others with the same problem I don't have much hope.

Is it a hardware or a software issue? Does it have a fix? Or the fix is: my money back, looking for other phones and avoiding Asus products.

IMG_20160313_095028.jpg IMG_20160313_095045.jpg IMG_20160313_095111.jpg IMG_20160313_095149.jpg IMG_20160313_095215.jpg IMG_20160313_095228.jpg

Asus Zenfone 2, ZE551ML, CPU 2,3 GHz, 4 GB RAM
IDN Level 2 | All posts
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Only way to fix is go to service center and replace the lcd
Many people have this problem shame on you asus
TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi HansM,

I would suggest you go to local service center for a check

sorry for any inconvenience
MYS Level 2 | All posts
I also have same problem with you
HansM TWN Level 2 | All posts
Today I received the phone from service. They replaced the lcd module and now it works well. So far, so good.
MYS Beta Tester | All posts
wow so many defects ....since mine is just 1 mth old phone i should be prepared for the defects and get to know the service ctr location
CRI Level 1 | All posts
I have the same problem and they replaced the LCD module
CRI Level 1 | All posts
service did not want to answer the reason for the failure. It will be a general failure? it will happen?
HansM posted on 2016/3/25 03:37
Today I received the phone from service. They replaced the lcd module and now it works well. So far, ...

Can you please tell me that the replaced screen is still Corning Gorilla Glass 3? I read someone say that they don't give you Corning Gorilla Glass 3 next time, if you replace your screen.
Perhaps, those lines coming even in the recovery and bootloader is an indication that its not a software issue. The touch panel failed. Having this problem for quite a while now.
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