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shariq.a28 IND Level 3 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: -
Firmware/APP Version: LATEST
Frequency of Occurrence: 1800
Rooted: No
Screenshot: -
Dear Asus and it's developers ,,,,,,,,,,,,, definitely the worst

Where the hell are you guys , its being 1 week and you guys havnt provided any update even now for the mircrophone issue . it is impossible for the other person to listen to our voice , well the issue is only when we are talking normally , not when it is on speaker of headphones a clear reaon to blame your crappy software ..............

And in case you guys are not capable of fixing it , send me an update which can take my phone to previous version

PS : Any dumb ass , who wanna help me correct  my language , please stay away , Problem is simple , i have never seen any service provider spoiling any phone like this and what they have done is damn frustating .....................


shariq.a28 IND Level 3 | All posts
And yes instead of bullshit ............. i need solution and an apology
IND Moderator | All posts
Hi shariq.a28,

We apologize for the Inconvenience caused !!

We would like to understand if your device is ZE551KL or ZE550KL.

If your device is ZE550KL with the latest firmware update which is, for this we have raised this issue to the developer team and there are analyzing the root cause and working for a fix on this.

For now there is no ETA for the next FOTA release.

Thank you
shariq.a28 IND Level 3 | All posts
its ZE550KL to be precise!!!!
IND Dr.Zen | All posts
Last edited by binaya.dhara on 2016/3/1 11:32

Actually shariq you are the DUMP ASS. Mistake happen with everyone. After making a new update developers release that to take feedback if bug pressent and then they will release stable FOTA. Now you have updated your phone with your choice . At the time you purchased your phone your phone is in stable os then why the shit you updated ? You sould not update if you cant face a bug for certain time. And you are not alone, other too facing it, i am also one of them. We can only request and encourage asus developer team to get the bug fix. Developers are soo much busy to reddy the Android M update. So its a hard job to work on the current bug.

If you are not happy with current update then Do ADB sideload to get back to old version. Now dont say that you dont know how to do ADB .. DUMB
IND Level 4 | All posts
binaya.dhara posted on 2016/3/1 11:24
Actually shariq you are the DUMP ASS. Mistake happen with everyone. After making a new update develo ...

Well Said Vinaya. Actually even Companies like Apple has committed mistakes and released software updates to I Phones which were even worst than this. Every company commits mistakes, a company tests a software before releasing but at times there might be some bugs which might not show up or developers might not encounter at the testing phase.

So Mr. Shariq. Calm down. Abusing won't help to release a Faster Update. :-)
shariq.a28 IND Level 3 | All posts
binaya.dhara posted on 2016/3/1 11:54
Actually shariq you are the DUMP ASS. Mistake happen with everyone. After making a new update develo ...

Lol Binaya dont really understand how things work ....wonder what makes you to even think of commenting here . I was expecting some only some smart people to be commenting here but you turned out to be EXTRA Smart. ... lol.

Well np , ill explain you the scenarios , and here we go  :

Point number 1 . Any update that a company send is not the beta version . an update on your phone means it has been tested .

Point number 2 : I am not a beta tester

Point number 3 : when they built this 300mb update , i dont think there was any need to run for an update they should have tested it well, which is a part of their job and they dont seems to be doing it well

Point number 4 : ASSUS phones have the functionality where one cannot remove update notification which is annoying at times and it goes only once you update!!!!!!!!!!!!! Main reason a developer does that is to say that what we are offering is better than you have

Point number 5 : y the hell should i use any other method to flash my rom when it is being screwed up by the company and they are the one liable to fix it

Point number 6 :  : its being more than 1 week since they have sent this update and so it is clear that these people are not capable of handling or developing apps .......... because issues like this are Priority 1 and ETA should be max 48 for resolution .

Lastly : A smartphone comes up with some feature , out of which calling is the main feature of using a phone , so if that doesnt work , i have the ryt to say whatever i wish .

PS : any update or phone never comes up with the disclaimer that the feature that they are offering may not work .........

and yeah finally , i know you are one of the joke in this forum but next time onward comment wisely before making fool of yourself
shariq.a28 IND Level 3 | All posts
BLUEDRAGON_UD posted on 2016/3/1 12:17
Well Said Vinaya. Actually even Companies like Apple has committed mistakes and released software  ...

Dear Bluedragon ,

Can you please name few of the mistakes made by apple , samsung , moto , htc and ETA for the update ????

Well For your kind info i have used all the above names and have never got any issues ever before using Asus where these people tend to bring some bugs with almost every new update .

and this is not a small mistake this the main reason we use cellphones and if they cant test this they are good for nothing .

I have worked as beta testers for Motorola and you know what even motorola released better beta version than Asus's final version

BTW I have commented above in reply to your Binaya with some facts and description upon how it works , would want you to go through it
IND Dr.Zen | All posts
Shrian.. You are totally flooded with your attitude.

IF you don't want to use other method to flash then be silent. Because you are not a SON of KING that asus will make A SPECIAL Downgrade file for you.

TO remove update notification tap on update notification and then disable it. LOL .. You don't know it.

I dont think so that you haven been a beta tester in MOTOROLA because you are crying for such a little BUG and Blaming everyone comes to your way. A beta tester know how to react if a bug comes. and I don't think  you have that Quality.

Yes.. A updates that comes means it was tested. But as the feed back from other , The bug is commign after 5-6 Days of installing the update. Its need a DEEP troubleshouting to find a bug . Maybe it's causing by the latest firmware or may be in Install App like call screen.

I dont want to fight with you because you are a NOOB and Acting like a Baby.( A baby is crying becuase he GOT a BUG in his LOllipop )  

IND Level 4 | All posts
Last edited by BLUEDRAGON_UD on 2016/3/1 17:04
shariq.a28 posted on 2016/3/1 14:20
Dear Bluedragon ,

Can you please name few of the mistakes made by apple , samsung , moto , htc an ...

Am not here to fight here. Just wanted to have a healthy discussion.

I wont name mistakes from companies. I can provide you full page articles for all most all companies about their respective buggy Update releases. And I know what Alpha, Beta stages mean. You are correct on that part. No denying that. But at times, if once in a blue moon this happens, you should rather give them a chance to fix it rather spoiling the decorum & dignity of this forum.

This was not a major upgrade which the company has been testing for  a long time. This was just a update. And so far I've had 5-6 updates from ASUS on my Zenfone. This was the first time, a common issue occured which is being faced by everyone. Right? If on each update, a bug like this would have showed up, I might have felt the same way like you. But its probably the first time with Laser. So give them some time and wait patiently. Its not Apple and you have not bought a Premium/Flagship product that you expect it to release an update within a week. I wish we all get a patch very soon. I trust ASUS Software team, they have made some superb apps and I just love Zen UI. Kudos to ASUS on that.

And for Motorola, they don't need to push much with their OS as they use a near stock Android OS on their devices which results them to release faster updates. Understand that buddy.
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