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[New Question] [Screen/ Touch] ZOMBIE PADFONE: Unresponsive touch screen

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aryaasadhana IDN Level 1 | All posts
Hey Y'all,
I bought my Padfone S several months ago and I loved it so much. I kept on telling my friends of how good it is. It's like buying a Camry on the price of a Corolla. I was very satisfied with this phone - until it started acting up recently: The screen is dumbly unresponsive. And I mean REALLY unresponsive. Kinda like bricking, but it's actually not. More like a zombie. It would take inputs in an extremely slow matter and only after tapping repeatedly to get one key touched. The funny thing is, sometimes it would go back to normal state just like that. I'm on the latest firmware already (Version WW_12.2.2.43), the storage memory is only half used and I don't play games on my phone. I already did the factory reset twice now because of this, but this friggin' problem keeps on coming back. I also did the built-in hardware test through its calculator and it seems like everything was okay.

It's really annoying. Seriously annoying. Having an unresponsive display on a touch screen phone is like having a car that won't turn. It's useless. Help me please. I want my "normal phone" not this zombie padfone.


aryaasadhana IDN Level 1 | All posts
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I just noticed that seems like I'm not the only one having this kind of problem. If this is a hardware problem, how come ASUS is not announcing a recall? You should, really.
IND Level 7 | All posts
Sepertinya masbro suka pakai charger nggak ori atau powerbank yang kurang oke ya? itu digitizernya kena sepertinya, harus dibawa ke sc
Padfone s ku juga masalahnya sama, digitizernya masalah. Klo dibilang charger gak ori atau powerbank sangat tidak mungkin. Karena sy tdk pernah pakai charger non ori atau powerbank. Dan masalah ini juga dialami 3 org teman sy. Coba juga liat di ada juga yg jual padfone s nya dengan masalah yg sama. Sy tanya ke asp alasannya sama lcd, sementara ganti lcdnya 2jt beli hpnya 3,5. Sementara lcd rusak sendiri, lcdnya sendiri juga tdk retak. Tolong ditangani masalah ini. Karena masalah ini sy mulai menyesal memakai handphone maupun tablet asus. Mau murah mau mahal sama jeleknya. Nextnya sy gak beli asus lagi. Mending beli xiaomi, harga lebih mahal tetapi kualitas jauh lebih bagus disamping itu tidak pelit upgrade os jauh dibanding asus yg sangat pelit upgrade os. Alasan pakai charger ori atau powerbank alasan tdk masuk akal. Nah sy yg tdk pernah pakai barang non ori malah rusak sendiri.....
Tambahan yach,harga sparepartsnya sangat mahal dan lama klo mau nunggu belinya{:3_42:}
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