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[Reported] [System] Regarding update of Fonepad 7 ME175CG to Android M

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satish020784 IND Level 1 | All posts
As the current version (after update of android Lollipop) of fonepad7 me 175cg is full of bugs and crashes the device repetitively. So please let me know that when  you are going to release the new and stable update of this device. Please do this favour as my device is lying at your service center for repairing since last 3 months but the bugs can't be removed. Please let me know when will you release the new and stable update. If you are not planning to release the new update please tell me how to downgrade the device to earlier update.
IND Beta Tester | All posts
Asus has not announced M Update for FonPad 7.. This link may help you to downgrade: ... ipop-5-0-4-3-a.html
IND Level 1 | All posts
Just hit this question while roaming in this forum. There is no upgrade for ME 175CG yet announced, after the last V6.3.9 realeased in October 2015. If you've already upgraded to firmware V6.3.9 in your ME175CG, then my friend you've to wait like me! Take that phone out of service centers as they can't do anything with it. downgrading might cost you the warranty of your tablet.
IND Level 1 | All posts
Just tried this on my tablet and it is working. I used the Asus Flash tool (lates release on july 2015) and Lollipop ROM 5.0 for ASUS fonepad7 ME175CG Dual sim. You have to install the flashtool in your computer, connect the tablet using a USB cable. Install the asus driver in your computer (the driver MUST be installed) and start the flash tool. If the drivers are not installed, it will not detect your tablet ! Download the RAW file from xda-dev forum: then using the tool, re-install the firmware. This link will help:

I successfully downgraded my ME175CG dual sim from 6.3.9 to 6.3.7 and so far, all is back to normal !

Ask questions if you face trouble. Mark as answer if this resolve your problem.  All the best !
IND Level 1 | All posts
Please release Android m for asus Fonepad 7 fe170cg
Plese give update for Fonepad 175cg
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