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meldon PHL Moderator | All posts
Optimizing Your Gaming Experience

As a smartphone gamer I always make sure that I have thebest gaming experience. Best sound quality, best graphics, and best gameplaysfrom the best games and of course lag-free!
I am using my ZenFone 2 Laser ZE550KL for my games, with itsSnapdragon 410 SoC and Adreno 305 gpu it can barely handle games with ultra-highgraphics but there’s no problem for games with medium to high quality graphics.

So how do I optimize my gaming to achieve the best gamingexperience?

Of course I am not using a rooted ZenFone so first I alwaysset my ZenFone to its highest capability. Just follow the steps below.

- Go to Phone Settings

- Tap Power Management
- Tap Power Saver and then choose Performance
*this will max out your phone’s CPU performance

Then, I always make sure that I have the best games from the play store ofcourse they should be legit and not the modded ones.

To know which games will run smooth on your ZenFone 2 Laseror even on other ZenFones refer pictures below (clicking will redirect you to the play store).


I also use a gamepad for certain games. Gaming will beeasier if you’re using a gamepad. JMine is iPega  9028, I bought it forP1,200 it also has a touchpad which serves as a mouse. So of course it is usedto access some areas of the game if it doesn’t fully support a gamepad.

Lastly, I actually do not play games without sounds so I alwayshave my ZenEar with me. You can also use a bluetooth speaker which will enhanceyour gaming experience. Playing with max out surround sound? Why not?

You can also try our ZenFone’s Miracast Play To feature tomirror your game to your SmartTV. You’ll just need a stable wifi connection toconnect both devices and you’re ready to play on a big screen.

How about you? How do you optimize your gaming experience? Share it below!

PHL Level 5 | All posts
Wow great and thanks for sharing...
PHL Level 3 | All posts
Last edited by Carlfinity on 2016/1/31 20:56

We can also improve our battery life while in-game by using our Zenear on low volume instead of using our speakers. Hope this helps!
IND Level 1 | All posts
Nice article and thanks for sharing

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UKR Level 1 | All posts
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