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V2.24.40.42_20160104_4000 (MR1.4)

【Model Name】
ZenFoneZoom (ZX551ML)

【Release Date】

【Release Note】

1.Optimize OIS capture performance
2.Optimize AWB in artificial light
3.Optimize image quality outdoor
4.Update Houdini V5.0.7a
5.Set front camera preview to 20fps.
6.[BSP][Camera](ZX551)Fixed the EXIF in exposure time when value is very small.
7.Fixed the continuous shot close hang when flush preview buffer during handle postview.
8.Fix battery gauge read accuracy
9.Fix wifi sharing failure when using some mobile network
10.Fixed unable to send SMS under LTE
11.Fixed browsing slowing issue
12.Added more item for ISO and shutter speed
13.Fix Layout apk front camera ISO issue
14.Support 1/16,000 exposure time and ISO3200 in manual mode
15.Optimize auto focus accuracy
16.Optimize image quality
17.Fix JP version not applying audio parameter.
18.Fixed occational AE bug with high ISO
19.Optimization image quality in low light and back light environment
20.Bug fixes and performance improvements
21.Improve camera quality and performance
22.Added new function to camera app
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