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Last edited by Zen_Adi on 2016/9/27 10:45

For all the Dr. Zen's, its now time to earn a little more recognition. We at Asus ZenTalk would like to add on to your perks and benefits of being a Dr. Zen. We would love to reward you with recognition and value your contribution as a Dr. Zen on this very platform.

We would want you to know that the Dr Zen badge is a priviledged badge and its really important to maintain this Badge of honor to continue availing the priviledges that come along with this.

Starting now, we would begin evaluating your ZenTalk performance regularly. You would need to fulfill the below listed criteria to maintain the Dr Zen badge so as to continue availing the benfits.

Here are a few Missions for you to maintain your badge:

1.Share Minimum 8 articles in 3 months.
To make this a bit easy for you, we will help you with a few topics every month as suggesstions which you can take up to write an article on.

1.Share Minimum 10 pictures every month highlighting different modes of the camera

3.You should get Minimum 2 Essence OR 5 Essence Photos OR 5 Best Answers in 3 months.[Either of These]

Period of Evaluation : Every 3 Months

To Remind you, You get exclusive priviledges from ZenTalk for being a Dr. Zen :

1.The first to know about the latest activities on ZenTalk & Dr. Zen exclusive offer.
2.Discount offers on Asus Products as per company policy limited only to Dr. Zen's.
3.Double reward points if your posts/articles are selected as ZenTalk Essence.
4.Rewarded with points or budgets based on the contribution towards activity intiatives by Dr. Zen
5.Chance to get Hands-on Opportunity for all new products.
6.Exclusive ZenTalk Goodies every quarter and on Special Occasions like Diwali, just for you.
7.Special invites to attend upcoming product launch event or join product testing.
8.Priority based prefernce for troubleshooting queries from Asus.
9.Opportunity to work with Asus in future depending upon the availability and openings for position and company policies.

Let's Build this relationship further and create a wonderful pool of knowledge and experience for all ZenFans.
We hope to look forward to your engagement and contribution towards ZenTalk.
Be Rest Assured, your contribution will surely be Recognized and Appreciated!!

Click here to know how to be a Dr. Zen

Reminder :

1.ZenTalk Forum Master & Manager will review the contribution from every Dr. Zen to reward or eliminate through Dr. Zen.
2.ZenTalk reserves the right to cancel, terminate, revise, or suspend the event, as well as right of final interpretation.
All changes will be announced on ZenTalk forum.
By participating in this, you agree to abide by [ZenTalk] Terms & Conditions
5.The Evaluation will be done on a quartely basis.If the contribution by a Dr. Zen towards the Forum is not as per the above criterions for 2 quarters, the Dr. Zen status will be eliminated and you won't be able to avail any further priviledges attached to the Dr. Zen's.

IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Wohooo.  Great really amazing now this is intresting to be a Dr.  Zen that a good step...  
IND Level 7 | All posts
My contribution is continuing since last two years. Hope I will continue it forever...
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Great opportunity Really...   
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Excitement level raised because that ninth point turned on my emotions and made me say WooHoo...
IND Level 2 | All posts
Being Dr.Zen since 1 year, Got no such previlege. Plus, didnot even get the assigned zenfone 3 under your review scheme! Shit! -.-
IND Level 2 | All posts
Special invites and testing? Hahahahahah.. never got em! Even asked for Zf3 invite . They refused.
IND Ban Posts | All posts
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IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Nice... Programme. We should do.
Wow great programme for Dr.Zen's this will definitely remind what is the position of Dr.Zen in ZenTalk. Great decision it will keep everyone up-to-date
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