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Best Data Recovery Software For Android Devices

Have you ever lost data from your Android device, accidentally? Unfortunate, right? I have experienced it, too, and it’s absolutely a nightmare.

In this post, Lifehack will help you avoid the same misfortune. How? We’ll explore several recovery tools that will help you scan and restore lost data. Yes, you can scan and restore lost data like magic. Find the best tools to do this below.

1. FonePaw iOS Android Data Recovery

I’ve tried a lot of data recovery tools in the past months and I’m sure FonePaw is one of the best. With this reliable software, you can easily recover lost or deleted text messages, photos, videos, audios, contacts, call logs, and documents from any Android phone, tablet, or SD card.

If we talk about effectiveness, this wonderful tool can detect and recover deleted or lost files from Android devices with a user-friendly interface that’s painless to use. Combined with its powerful capacity and its ability to adjust to multiple Android OS versions (yes, it’s compatible with numerous devices), it’s a must-have item to be included in your arsenal for hunting lost files or data.

FonePaw can recover data of phones and tablets from HTC, LG, Google, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, Asus, Acer, and more.

2. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android

It’s known as the world’s first data recovery tool for Android. This software supports various Android phones and tablets, namely Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, and several others. It can directly recover deleted SMS text messages and contacts and retrieve lost photos and videos that have disappeared due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, and more, from SD cards contained in Android devices. One of the best features of Dr. Fone for Android is that it supports the ability to review and select messages, contacts, and photos before recovery.

3. iCare

No doubt about it, iCare is one of the most popular software solutions in data recovery forums. The reason behind it? Plenty of happy users. It’s obvious, iCare Data Recover Free is free and does the job. This tool recovers images, audio files, video files, and documents on removable storage devices and on internal hard disks. I love this tool because, unlike a lot of paid data recovery softwares which charge a fee at the final step of file recovery, iCare Data Recovery Free lets you scan, preview, and recover lost files free of charge.

4. Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery is not only an excellent data recovery software for Android phones and tablets, it’s powerful, too! This efficient recoverer of deleted or lost data from Android phone internal storage, as well as external memory cards, is worth your while to try. With its user-friendly interface, you can recover contacts, messages, photos, videos, call history, and notes from Android devices with just a few clicks. And with joyful liberty, this powerful Android Data Recovery allows you to scan, preview, and recover anything you select.

Here are some key features:

  • It is capable of restoring lost contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, Whatsapp notes, etc.
  • It is compatible with many prevailing Android devices, like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei, and more.
  • It can recover data that’s been lost in a variety of ways: deletion, virus attacks, formatting, factory resetting, or system updates.

5. MyJad Android Data Recovery

MyJad is another program that deals with lost data in Android devices. It recovers songs, images, videos, documents, archives, and other data stored on your SD card inside the Android gadget. You can easily restore data on your Android device using the pro version.

Here are a few of its positive features:

  • Most questions can be answered by the “Help” tab.
  • It’s super easy to use.
  • Most deleted data on Android phone’s SD card can be effortlessly previewed and retrieved if needed.

Everything has a negative side. Here are a few of the cons:

  • Some devices may need to be rooted in order to recover some data types.
  • Data stored in the internal memory card of the Android device can’t be recovered
  • Installing and uninstalling the program takes a little longer than with other softwares.
6. Undeleter for Root Users

This is a free Android recovery app for temporarily restoring lost data like images, videos, music, archives, binaries, and all other info that was stored on an Android-based gadget. Just pop in the application and select the internal memory or SD card. Then, your device will display a list of the deleted files, the original directory path, etc. This will guide you to select whatever you want to restore.

Here are the pros regarding this app:

  • It can restore deleted files from any volume-internal partition or SD card.
  • It can directly save restored files to Dropbox and Google Drive.

There are also a couple of negative aspects:

  • Text messages and contacts stored on the Android phone may not be retrieved.
  • This software doesn’t offer any advanced search options, like document type or modified date.

There you go, six of the best applications to recover data on your Android devices. If you have suggestions to share, please feel free to hit the comments area.

Life Hack

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I know Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery. It is excellent. But the picture you upload seems like not the right one.
Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery interface.png
LiVeWiRe PHL Level 6 | All posts
katherineclaire posted on 2015/12/15 10:10
I know Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery. It is excellent. But the picture you upload seems like not t ...

My apologies it's just a copy paste from a site and I reposted it here to share.

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Last edited by alva114 on 2016/5/16 20:12

Nice post,
I personally used an Android Data Recovery Tool from your above-mentioned programs and it was excellent. I was able to recover my deleted text messages, which were really important for me.

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Nice share                                                                                                    
LiVeWiRe PHL Level 6 | All posts
alva114 posted on 2015/12/18 19:54
Nice post,
I personally used an Android Data Recovery Tool from your above-mentioned programs and it ...

Thanks bro..........

LiVeWiRe PHL Level 6 | All posts
adityamv79 posted on 2015/12/18 21:08
Nice share                                                                                         ...

Thanks bro..........

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The above-mentioned article is very informative when I lost my photos and videos from my Motorola phone; I have recovered it with the help of Android data recovery for mac. Using this, you can also recover data from all android phones. For more information, kindly visit the web address mentioned below:
LiVeWiRe PHL Level 6 | All posts
dd678 posted on 2015/12/29 14:20
The above-mentioned article is very informative when I lost my photos and videos from my Motorola ph ...

Nice to hear you find it informative. Merry xmas bro.

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Hi, thanks for sharing this information, it is very helpful for all android users. Previously I had used a android data recovery tool from Stellar data recovery which is completely free. I don't know why author of article has not mentioned it in above article but it is a helpful software for android users.
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