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[Other] SOLVED-How to Overcome Phone Restart during App Installs in Playstore

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Goutam_Kr IND Level 2 | All posts
Last edited by Goutam_Kr on 2015/12/10 16:49

Hi, Guys. I was just going throgh the Internet and found a lot of users are facing an issue that when trying to install Apps/Games from Playstore.
In that case nothing would help like, Force Stop app,clear cache,uninstalled apps.

There are 2 ways that can be used overcome this issue.One is which I tried and the other I found on XDA Forums. Until ASUS Fixes this issue with a Firmware Update. You can still install apps by following any of the below two methods.

Btw, apparently this issue occurs only when trying to install app on SD Card which is more than 40-50 MBs.

1. Boot to Safe mode by pressing power off button and long pressing on power off. And then install the app in safe mode.

2. In normal mode, Unmount sd card,dont need to remove it.  Install the app on Phone Storage and later move it to SD  Card.

If updating an app on SD Card is causing the issue, you can move it to phone storage and then update.

Hope it Helps.

ANd ASUS Please report this bug to the concerend team.
IND Moderator | All posts
Cool fix man, have you tried these out?
Goutam_Kr IND Level 2 | All posts
Yes. Only after trying these steps and succeeding, I have posted.
IND Moderator | All posts
Goutam_Kr posted on 2015/12/11 18:29
Yes. Only after trying these steps and succeeding, I have posted.

Thats cool, keep up the great work.
IND Moderator | All posts
Hi Goutam_Kr,

If your not able to update your apps via play store or it fails to update, we would suggest you to store your apps to the Internal storage not at the external storage of your device.
This issue usually happens due to the Android OS limitation of saving Apps on External Storage and Restriction from the third party app developers.
FRA Level 1 | All posts
Nice. Running latest Ze500cl firmware (android security patch is from 15dec 2015) and this issue still apears. Thanks. Trying to update an app, phone says : nope, i don't want to. Screw off. I'll just reboot, hehe *evil laugh*
How much effort would pushing a fix for this, along with a security patch take ?
Bought the phone on the third of may, 2k16, when it came out, and barely had an update. What kind of company drops support for a phone, after 6 months only ? 6 months.. Just because we have an intel proc. I mean. Ze500kl is getting updates after all. Why not cl ?
Really disapointed
CAN Level 2 | All posts
More apps stored on SD are crashing when being updated on my Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL (Android 5.0.2)
- Facebook
- Sky Force Reloaded
- Transformers: Earth Wars
- Alien Creeps TD
(as far as I am concerned)

Is there a way that Asus can stop these random restarts in Android? installing an App process shouldn't be allowed to reboot a phone and it should just stop or discard the installation process.

Is this a bug with Android 5.0.2 that causes a reboot?
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