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[Chat] [ZenSight] Do We Really Need So Much Storage?

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Melvin John PHL Level 5 | All posts

It has been asked frequently: How much storage do we really need? From the community polls we did, there's really no one correct answer to this.

Some are fine with the "low" 16Gb, majority requires 32 to 64Gb, and a few wishes for the atrocious 128 or 256Gb. The next question is: Why?

Here's why: we use our phones differently. Those who need only 16Gb are probably the Communicator and/or Worker user types. They only need a few gigabytes to live by, with not a lot of apps, some casual photos, a handful of documents, maybe an album of music and a couple of movies. And there might still be a lot of free space in their 16 gigs. The Zenfone 2 Laser and Zenfone Go variants fit quite nicely with this space requirement.

The majority who swears by 32-64Gb are mostly the mix of Enthusiasts, Gamers, Surfers (who download a lot!), Movie Fans, Music Lovers and Photographers. Media right now uses as much as 3-4Gb per movie and around 10-20Mb for high-quality music. Heavy apps, esp social media ones, use around 300-600Mb, and the biggest games reach up to 2Gb. A lot of these needs a lot of memory, and 32Gb (that of the Zenfone Selfie and the midrange variant of Zenfone 2) might be the minimum requirement to really enjoy this kind of usage. The Zenfone 2's 64Gb is a really safe option.

Now comes the big guys. 128Gb? Who needs that? 256Gb? Ridiculous. But yes, there's a group of people who wants and/or needs them. There's a population of media junkies and heavy gamers who wants everything, literally, in their phones. All the photos and videos they have even taken. All the games they have ever (or never) played. All the music they have listened to. All the movies they have... purchased (*wink). All the temporary files and caches they have never known existed in their phones. If you just don't have time to do a clean up, why not settle for the biggest storage you can find, right? But seriously, 128/256Gb is the future. In a couple of years, 2K/4K resolutions might be the norm. And a full movie at this size will take maybe 10-20Gb of space. Games will evolve with new features that will surely increase their size to a few gigabytes more. Photos, esp panospheres, panoramas and super resolutions will be a lot bigger too. So if you want to be ahead of the curve, having one of the 128Gb-equipped phones (the Zenfone 2 Deluxe) is the way to go. Oh, there's also the 256Gb Zenfone 2 Deluxe Special Edition (not yet available in the Ph though).

What's next? The terabyte phone, for sure. It's not a question of if, but of when. And when it comes out, I'll surely get one, you know, for some... stuff I don't really want to delete (*wink wink)

PHL Level 3 | All posts
My biggest regret in buying my zenfone 2 is buying the 16gb first akala ok na yung 16gb na storage but as you say sir m,tumataas yung demand sa storage ng mga bagong games at videos...hindi na din sd card friendly ang Android starting from KK...
Melvin John PHL Level 5 | All posts
Hi FrozenFire. Don't worry, SD card support will be so much better when we get the update to Marshmallow. External storage can be set as internal in Android M.
PHL Dr.Zen | All posts
i may have to agree that 32gb is the current standard storage capacity nowadays. with all of the apps, downloaded movies, music, and pictures, the 16gb storage capacity would be easily ran out. also, the periodic update of the apps would take some of the internal storage on the phone plus firmware updates.  
PHL Level 3 | All posts
External storage can be set as internal? I'm so excited. Thanks Sir Melvin John for the advance info. A teaser maybe? Hehehe.
Melvin John PHL Level 5 | All posts
That's how Android M does it. Hopefully, and most probably, that will be a feature when M reaches our Zenfones.
UKR Level 1 | All posts
Living in a big city, you will need a lot of helpful applications for everyday life. They refer to transport, shopping, maps for sports gyms, clinic locations. Actually, you will have the infrastructure of the whole city in a small gadget. But it needs to be quite powerful to work fast and efficiently. I live in New York and I cannot imagine my life here without a powerful phone.
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