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orleepasion PHL Level 5 | All posts
Tryin my best to shoot this pink mustang on my Zenfone 2.
just curious how much will it cost to insure this car ?))
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maxmuller2199 posted on 2019/11/13 07:04
just curious how much will it cost to insure this car ?))

You have an interesting name. Are you from Germany? In case if you're not from the U.S. they will surely try to sell you the most expensive insurance that they have. But you must buy it as long as you don't want to be an illegal driver. Now, let me see... I think, the information from this site - https://www.cheapautoinsurance.c ... for-non-us-citizens - will help you out. There is all information that you need, I think. What's about this mustang - I don't know. It looks really expensive, so I guess, insurance for it will cost a ton of money. The cheaper your car is, the less you pay for the insurance.
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