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We are looking for Zenfone power users and experts to be ASUS Dr. Zen

If you…

A) Have ASUS smartphone belonging to the Zenfone series or PadFone series.

B) Are good atreviewing smartphones and explaining the advantages to everyone.

C) Love to solve Zen Fans’ questions, with the best available solution.

D) Have the knack for taking photos/ playing games /recommending apps/ programming etc. etc. and love to have people join you.

E) Love & Agree with ASUS culture.

Then, YOU are the Dr. Zen we are looking for!

We welcome you to REGISTER & JOIN us !

Dr.Zen Mission:

Dr. Zen is ASUS ZenTalk representative wholoves to share his/her knowledge in order to provide the best solutions to any problems or has an undying urge to share latest & best information to Zen Fans.

Well, here are the Missions for Dr. Zen to take on

        A) Join/ Assist/ Popularize ZenTalk online & offline with passion and participation.
        B) Share your posts with Zen Fans regarding Unboxing Experience/ Product Review/ App Sharing / Unique Photography or anything that you know about ZenFone & ZenTalk
        C) Assist Zen Fans & answer Zen Fans’ questions at the earliest.
        D) Provide your feedback and suggestions while you get the opportunity to test and review product.
        E) Report the issues or problem to ZenTalk if there’s any with the products or FOTA.

Also, the exclusivity for Dr. Zen
        A) Dr. Zen will have an exclusive badge on ZenTalk                               
        B) Dr. Zen (sub-forum) will be the first to know about the latest activities on ZenTalk & Dr. Zen exclusive offer.
        C) Dr. Zen (sub-forum) will get priority based preference for their troubleshooting queries from Asus.
        D) Will have double reward points if their posts/articles has selected as ZenTalk Essence
        E) Will be rewarded with points or budgets based on the contribution towards activity initiatives by Dr. Zen.
        F) Will have priority to attend product launch event or join product testing.
        G) Will be invited to annual event if you have been selected the best amongst all the Dr. Zen!

Dr.Zen Recruiting…

        A) ZenTalk Forum Master & Manager will review the application and inform the applicant weekly. Please kindly note that the answers for below questions in application form is critical for reviewing.
                  a. Have you ever post your articles at the below forums?
                  b. Please provide thelink for your post/articles
                  c. If you are Dr. Zen, how do you find yourself contributing to Zentalk?
        B) ZenTalk Forum Master & Manager will review the contribution from every Dr. Zen to reward or eliminate.
       C) You must come under the following criteria to choose and be a Dr.Zen:
            1 Essence Article OR
            1 Essence Photo OR  
            1 Best Answer


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IDN Level 5 | All posts
okay then this one is gonna be interesting
PHL Level 3 | All posts
Yes, this one is interesting, i have interest in fixing or solving the problems of other people. etc..
BRA Level 1 | All posts
If I can help somente with my knowledges I will be happy (Portuguese Fluent)
IND Level 3 | All posts
I m also interested in this and having good knowledge about asus zenfone series and app
IND Level 2 | All posts
let's start this work for Dr. zen and am happy to share something about Asus
IND Level 1 | All posts
i am intrested to but applying procedure is quite lenthy
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
I can be one.  .....  please make me
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Registered, May I will be selected.
BRA Level 1 | All posts
sim quero muito, o que eu puder ajudar responder, testar.
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