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[Software/Firmware] ASUS WebStorage - Introduction

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        ASUS Webstorage provides personal cloud storage space to more than 30 million registered users around the world.
        ASUS Webstorage supports different platforms and devices, be the cell phones or talbets, to rapidly manage and integrate files from different devices.
        ASUS Webstorage users are able to access their doucments, music, photos, and videos anytime and anywhere.
        ASUS Webstorage transforms handheld devices into USB flash drives of massive storage capacity.
        Once  you press the shutter button of a handheld device, the photo taken will immediately be uploaded to your personal cloud space and synchronized onto your other devices.
        ASUS WebStorage also enables real-time sharing by providing Share link, Share code, and Collaboration.
        Moreover, the convenient search function of ASUS WebStorage helps immediately find whatever is desirable from numerous files, while data protection and security provided by the cloud storage service is unparalleled.
        Place whatever is important and indispensable to you in ASUS WebStorage now and you will be rest assured that they will always remain intact and accessible to you. Register now to enjoy your free storage space of 5GB.

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