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[Share] Auto Lock and On (For Flip cover users)

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rhetzkie12 USA Level 2 | All posts
This app is good for flip cover users only it automatically turn ON or OFF your screen by detecting the proximity sensor.

Step 1 :
Download this app in google play (Auto Screen On Off(Smart Cover)).

Step 2 :
Open the app and click enable. Another window will pop up and just click activate.

And thats it ! Your'e done.
Works well with my zenfone5 hassle free
PHL Level 5 | All posts
Thanks for sharing, although the ZenFones actually have a better way of doing this by using a magnetic sensor instead of the proximity sensor, although it requires a flip cover with a small magnet.

This will work with flip covers without magnets though, but then I wouldn't recommend as prox-based apps consume high amounts of power...
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