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[Tips] Zenfone Camera【Time Rewind】Experience Sharing

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I started playing with the ZF5’s camera function since I got it last year. I actually bought the ZF5 because I love the camera function of ASUS smartphones. My eyes literally lit up when I turned on the camera function menu; there are so many shooting functions, and the one that attracted me the most was the HDR function and depth of field. The time-lapse recording was also something that I love very much.
There was a function that I wasn’t familiar with, called Time Rewind; I believe about 99% of Zenfone users don’t know what this function does and therefore won’t use it, because there aren’t many chances to use it.

What's the Time Rewind function?
It’s a good thing I used to play with DV recorders; since recorders started to become “tapeless” a couple years ago, some professional cameras started to have what’s called a pre-record function. What it does is that it pre-records the last five seconds of the screen before you press the record button; of course this function will only work when your recorder is on. It’s main function is to allow you to save the last five seconds of the screen if you missed the instant to start recording; for example, if you saw a bee and when you got close to it and pressed the record button, it just happened to fly away, then you can recall the last five seconds of the pre-recorded screen and clearly see the image from when the bee was still there until it flew away. Now you have a basic concept, right? The Time Rewind function is a similar function, just used for taking photos instead of recording videos.

Try out Time Rewind
@First let’s test this function with this watch; I will press the shutter when the second pointer points to 12.

@This image will first appear when shooting is complete, and the half circle there displays minus two seconds; you can slide the part with the darker color to view the photos taken the two seconds before you pressed the shutter (31 continuous photos). I slid it to the minus two-second position, and you can take a look at the position of the second pointer of the watch. The second pointer was at a position before I pressed the shutter; this is what Time Rewind does.

@You can find the photo that you want and press the check mark in the middle to complete it. If you didn’t like any of the photos taken within these two seconds, press the return button on the phone and it will ask you whether to delete all photos (31 continuous photos).

@And how do you look at the photo you’ve taken? Open the album and you will see a camera icon on the photo; this is the group of photos (31 continuous photos); click into it to open the group of photos.

There are a total of 31 photos, which means that the system already took 31 continuous photos for you the two seconds before you pressed the shutter button. You can choose the photo you want to save, or enter animation mode to create continuous animation.

That‘s the basic operation and application of Time Rewind.

*Shooting focus:
@Turn on the camera and aim it at the shooting target area.
@Press the shutter button as soon as you see the moment.

Case sharing:
On a certain rainy night, there were flashes of light in the sky every now and then, which continued on for a long time. I suddenly remembered that the camera of the phone has a Time Rewind function, so I went onto the roof wanting to perform an experiment. But because the rain was falling heavily, I only opened the door of the stairwell and held my hand out with the phone to take photos. So I aimed the phone at the part of the sky where there was lightning, and I waited until there was lightning again and pressed the shutter. I believe you all know that even if you use a SLR camera, by the time you see the lightning and press the shutter, it’s already too late; this is when the value of Time Rewind shows. But since it was raining and my hand was shaking because I got scared by the lightning, the quality of the photo didn’t come out very well; but at least it proved that it can be done. You can see from these photos that the success rate was over 80%; just wanted to share my experience with you.

This article is quoted from ZenTalk TW, and the author is chiusir2011

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