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[Power/Battery] Power saving skills for phone/pad  

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Skill 1: Activate Power Saver
Activate "Power Saver" in "Settings" > "Power management".

Skill 2: Disconnect connection that are not used
Disconnect connection that are not currently used, suck as WiFi, location, network data usage, WiFi hotspot, bluetoorh, GPS. When WiFi and 3G network are both available, use WiFi for first priority.

Skill 3: Close background apps
Close apps that are still running in the background. If there are many apps running at the same same, it will cause fast power draining.

  • Check “Battery used by app” and “Keep awake” status in "Settings" -> "Power management" -> "Power Consumption Table" and close those apps that drain battery quickly.
  • Tap "Recent apps" and execute "Clear All" to close all apps that are currently used.
  • Access Quick settings and tap "Boost".

Skill 4: Use "Auto-start Manager"
Some apps that automatically start in background may occupy memory, cause system lag and drain battery. By managing these auto-start apps, ASUS Auto-start Manager helps free more memory, improve system performance, and save power.

Steps: Launch "Auto-start manager", select apps that you want to prohibit from auto-start, and then change their status from "Allow" to "Deny".
Note: "Auto-start Manager" is only available on ZenFone 2 at present.

Skill 5: Disable auto-sync and auto-update
When your device is connected to network or WiFi, auto-sync function is executed for a time interval and this will cause faster battery draining. To solve this problem, you can extend the interval of auto-sync or disable auto-sync function. Also you can disable auto update function of apps.
Google account: Disable individual sync function in "Settings" -> "Google" -> "Accounts".
Play Store:Open Play Store app and disable "Auto-update apps" in "Settings".
Data usage: Disable "Auto-sync data" in "Settings" -> "Data usage".
Google Now: Disable “Show cards” function in [Google Settings] -> [Search & Now].

Skill 6: Adjust Brightness of display
You can see the power draining status of different aplications in "Settings" -> "Battery". To save more power, please adjust your display darker in "Settings" -> "Display" -> "Brightness".

Skill 7: Close live wallpaper
Tap and hold home screen (to access homescreen management) and then tap "Wallpapers" for settings.

Skill 8: Others
1. Adjust device sleep time in "Settings" -> "Display" -> "Sleep".
2. Remove one of the two SIM cards if it is not used for a long time.
3. Disable "Auto-rotate screen" in "Settings" -> "Display".
4. Use darker wallpaper.
5. Remove wigets that are not used on homescreen.
6. Restart device.

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