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Basic Q&A of rooting your ZenFone

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I don’t know why the previous article canno longer be edited, so I started this new post and also updated it with thechanges brought by upgrading to Android 5.0.
This FAQ is applicable to the ZenFone’s firstgeneration 4/5/6 with Android versions 4.x and 5.x.

Q1. How do I enter bootloader
A: 1. While the phone is off, press and holddown the power button and volume-up button simultaneously; then release thebuttons when the screen of the phone lights up and it will enter bootloader.
     2. While the phone ison, users can use adb reboot bootloader to restart the phone and enterbootloader.

Q2. How do I enter recovery
A: 1. While the phone is off, press and holddown the power button; when the phone vibrates and powers on, press and holddown the volume-down button immediately. Release the power button when you seethe ASUS Logo; wait until you see an exclamation mark and an android that fellon the ground, this means it has entered recovery.
     2. First enterbootloader, and then enter recovery through the menu. (Please refer to Q3)
     3. While the phone ison, users can use adb reboot recovery to restart the phone and enter recovery.

Q3. After I enter recovery, all I see is theandroid on the ground and the exclamation mark, sometimes it even shows theword Error; what should I do?
A: 1. If your phone uses Android version 4.x(ASUS system version number 2.x.x.x):
         Press andhold down the volume-down button and then press the volume-up button to callthe menu.
     2. If your phone usesAndroid version 5.x (ASUS system version number 3.x.x.x):
         Press andhold down the power button and then press the volume-up button to call themenu.

Q4. How do I select andexecute different items in bootloader/recovery?
A:  1. If your phoneuses Android version 4.x (ASUS system version number 2.x.x.x):
          You canuse the volume-up/volume-down buttons to move the currently focused item; thefocused item will be highlighted or displayed with a light bar. When you are atthe item you want to execute, press the power button to select the item.
      2. If your phone usesAndroid version 5.x (ASUS system version number 3.x.x.x):
          You canuse the volume-up/volume-down buttons to move and switch between menus; theitems you can execute afterwards will be displayed on the top of the screen.Just press the button to execute the item.
          The Bootloadermenu includes:
           NORMAL BOOT This means to boot up normally and enter the Android system.
           POWER OFF This means to power off the phone.
           RECOVERY MODE This means to enter recovery.
           RESTART BOOTLOADER This means to restart bootloader.
          Don’tpanic if the screen suddenly turns off; just press any button to display themenu again. If you press the volume-up button under the NORMAL BOOT menu, themenu will be hidden; please press the volume-down button to call out the menu.

          The Recoverymenu includes:
           Reboot system now Restarts the phone and enters the Android system.
           Apply update from ADB Enters adb sideload mode; at this time the genuineROM or OTA update package can be flashed into the phone from the computer byconnecting the phone to the computer using a USB cable.
           Wipe data/factory reset Restores factory settings; it clears all data onthe phone and also the cache partition.
           Wipe cache partition Clears the cache partition.
           Reboot to bootloader Restarts the phone and enters the bootloader menu.(Only available on Android 5.0)
           Power down Powers off the phone. (Only available on Android 5.0)
           View recovery logs Browses past recovery logs. (Only available on Android5.0)

Q5. How do I exit the menu inbootloader/recovery?
A: There’s no exit; bootloader and recoverybasically only has one layer. Select to execute and returns to menu whencompleted; so there’s no exit button.

Q6. Where can I find the adband fastboot programs to operate?
A: 1. If your phone uses Android version 4.x(ASUS system version number 2.x.x.x):
     2. If your phone usesAndroid version 5.x (ASUS system version number 3.x.x.x):!MkNmBAZS!tlitea5INHKYbnt4BXWBhCxIlotIJMBNOojppMvX2zE

Q7. When the phone isconnected in bootloader, recovery or common shell, it seems to always return notfound or waiting.
A: Install the driver first:: installation is complete, let the phone enter the bootloader, recovery ornormal power on status. Then when the phone is connected to the computer usinga USB cable, there should be a prompt saying that it’s installing the driver.If the phone is connected while in bootloader, you should be able to find theASUS Android Bootloader Interface device or something similar in devicemanager; if the phone is in recovery or normal power on status, you will findthe ASUS Composite ADB Interface device or something similar. If you can’t findany of them in Device Manager, you can try Intel’s genuine driver: (currentversion is 1.9.0), and also refer to this article ... 7635&extra=page%3D3 Allowing thecomputer to recognize ASUS Android ADB Interface.

Q8. What should I do if Ifound the device but errors occur when I use adb related operations?
A: If the phone is in normal power on status andthe message device unauthorized... appears, please go to the phone and allowthe ADB connection. If it is not found, please first confirm whether USBdebugging mode is enabled. If more than one device appears, check whether thereare any simulator programs such as bluestacks running.

Q9. How do I enable USB debuggingmode?
A: First enable the developer options (Settings-> About -> Software Information -> Version Number; press Version Number7 times. The developer options will appear when you return to settings) andthen make sure the USB debugging mode option is checked.

Q10. What should I do if a USBIcon appeared when I turn on the phone and it freezes there?
A: First press and hold down the power buttonfor 10 seconds to turn off the phone, then refer to the steps in Q2 to enterrecovery, and then try to restart the phone by selecting reboot system now. Ifit still doesn’t work, you can refer to this article ... 6769&extra=page%3D1 Saving youphone or send it back to the store for repairs.

Q11. Where can I find genuinerecovery image file?
A: This is for ZenFone4:
     This is for ZenFone5:
     This is for ZenFone 6:
     After powering on andentering bootloader, connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable; thenenter the following command in the command prompt of the computer: fastbootflash recovery recovery.img.

Q12. How do I flash back tothe genuine ROM?
A: First download the genuine ROM and place thefile in the FlashTools folder (the tool downloaded in Q6):
     This is for ZenFone4:
     This is for ZenFone5:
     This is for ZenFone6:
     After the phone entersbootloader, enter recovery and call out the menu. Please refer to Q11 to flashthe recovery (must be the same version as the ROM) back if you are unable toenter recovery. Once you entered recover, select apply update from ADB; at thistime, the phone will enter sideload mode. Connect the phone to the computerwith a USB cable under this mode and open the command prompt on the computer,then switch to the FlashTools folder and enter the following command: adbsideload (this means flash the ZenFone Taiwan version). After a period of time, the recovery menu willreappear, which means that flashing was completed.
Q13. What should I do my phonegets stuck at a rotating circle when I turned on my phone after I flashed my phone(genuine ROM or root)?
A: This might be caused by flashing an olderversion ROM or that the files you flashed into the phone has problems. Pleaserefer to Q12 and download the newest ROM from the ASUS official website andflash it back onto your phone; or check whether the image file that you flashedis damaged (checksum), or download it again.

Q14. What should I do if myphone’s system update failed but it keeps saying that the system is the newestversion when I check for system updates from the desktop?
A: Most of the time the phones were rooted andthe system files have been modified, which causes the update to fail. Since thephone is rooted, please try to open the file /data/data/,and then find the link that starts with http://; that is the webaddress of the update package. You can download it onto the computer and thenflash it onto the phone using recovery sideload. But since the updatepreviously failed, it means that thy system files need to be restored; so it isrecommended to first flash the genuine ROM to restore the system files to theiroriginal states, and then flash the update package to update the phone.

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